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Still some 100 years ago any influential gentleman wouldn't put on a hand hours, as if they weren't decorated and made. At that time was considered that a men's watch surely has to be pocket, they defined the public status, taste and a condition of the owner. And a watch intended for women, carried out function of ornament and was called as "bracelets".
Long time was enough for mankind stationary hours on towers and the areas, generally they served for definition of time of a prayer, work and a lunch. But soon masters began to replace mechanisms and there was an opportunity hours to transfer. So there was a flat spring instead of the weight for giving to hours of energy, and the German watchmaker Peter Henleyn showed to the world a pocket watch which could be carried with themselves. Their case was made egg-shaped of brass with gilding, they had only one hour hand. The sizes of such "eggs" allowed to carry them on a neck or in a hand. From now on hour art developed fast rates, more exact anchor mechanisms that allowed to include a minute hand, and then and second were invented. The world became on the way of intensive development, people needed to control time, constantly. That who was occupied, I worked, I had the status and the capital, hours became necessary, and soon began to characterize quite so the owner: it is rich, representative, borrowed, built. And, of course, almost at once a pocket watch becomes luxury goods. There are special jeweler watchmakers who turn hours per works of art of what only didn't do cases! And in the form of animals, and various subjects, from simple metals and noble. Drawing on the case began to be covered with special enamel, and the dial was hidden behind glass.

In Russia hour factories in Moscow and St. Petersburg were organized at Catherine II in 1769, but their production was issued shtuchno, generally intended for representatives of the imperial yard and the nobility, and in shops was on sale seldom. Generally pocket watch could be bought at private masters. And up to World War I in Russia there was a set of small workshops and institutions with the primitive equipment in which all work was performed generally manually. But by then the main inventions in the field of mechanics worked and in clockworks were already made presently. Factories began to open, the mass production of hours that made them available to broad masses began.
The legendary watch factory "Molniya" opened release of hours in November, 1931 in the city of Chelyabinsk. As the first and main customer of production the Ministry of Defence of the Soviet Union acted. The main product of this enterprise was a unique pocket watch. All fans of high-quality and reliable mechanisms are familiar with them. A pocket watch a lightning almost completely became manually (80% of assembly operations), differed in durability, accuracy and reliability. Despite that in 2007 the plant stops a production activity, we can offer you its production, both souvenir, and ordinary.

Watch as a gift.

Of course, and today it makes sense to give such hours to the man. By the way, statistically souvenir beautiful and qualitative hours take the second place after the weapon in answers to a question to men "that you would like to receive as a gift?" The chief needs to give beautifully issued jeweler pocket watch which look representatively and solidly. Also the pocket watch a lightning of the USSR described above, after all will approach they earned reputation of military, high-precision, officer and commander hours. For the friend it isn't necessary to choose too expensive thing, it causes the feeling obliging to do reciprocal gestures.
Excellent option simple souvenir hours of the USSR pocket, with attributes of the left era when a mark "it is made in the USSR" I was analog of the high quality mark. There is one more type of potential persons interested to have at themselves special hours are fans, or fond. You can get at us hours with the certain attributes connected with his hobby. Believe that the gift will be noted by improbable delight. Besides, ask the consultant, after all often modern pocket watch is equipped a set of additional functions because the big case allows to equip them with the accompanying mechanisms.

All will agree that a mechanical pocket watch is not only a subject for definition of time. It also ornament, indicator of solidity, prosperity. It is possible also to mention ritual of definition of time on a pocket watch. If faced such accessory, remember: the chain going to a pocket to pull for it and to get the beautiful case, to click a lid, to look at the dial, to close and hide in a pocket. Pleasant feelings, isn't that so? Such improbable feeling of personal respect.

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