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Bells Valdai

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Valdai bells

Quiet chime, like a gentle whisper mellifluous. Beautiful sounds souvenir Valdai bells are incomparable to anything else. With these souvenirs today involves a lot of different traditions. One of the most famous of them tells the story of how the king's orders to the assembly bell of Novgorod was removed from the bell tower and sent to Moscow. There he was to merge into a single sound with the other bells and symbolize a single authority. But on the way through the mountains of Valdai sled suffered the slope, and the bell flew down and broke into pieces. These multiple fragments served as material for the creation of small bells, which were a continuation of the Novgorod freemen.

According to another legend the master in casting bells for Iver monastery gave the rest of the bronze valdasham from which they cast the first bells, which became a national legend.

What jingle bells

As it is known, has long symbolized the chimes happiness. Many beliefs give this image of the divine, unearthly sound, voice, symbolizing truth. Many refer to it as a talisman capable of defeating evil. Valdai bells today, many are hung at the entrance of the door, as a neutralizer of bad energy. Also, these small, noisy souvenirs are the main attributes of the many festivals and celebrations, including family. And at the wedding feast, and to call the school at the beginning and end of the school year not do without them.

The uniqueness of the bells from the Valdai

I'm sure many are wondering why it is so popular Valdai bells. They are also known as yamschitsky. In these places passed the busiest roads in Russia - Moscow-Petersburg tract, the middle of which was the city of Valdai. Here lived talented blacksmiths, who became the first to cast bells for yamschitsky carts. At the beginning of the 19th century were the first in these places bell workshops.

Bell rang to the beat movement of the horse, and served not only the signal but also the musical accompaniment for songs driver. For many years, he has a classic shape. And on the edge of the skirt is an inscription. At the Valdai bells many details that are unique to these products. But most importantly - it is the quality and features, melodic sound.

How many years ago, now Valdai bells still popular. And the technology of their production is unique and is transmitted from generation to generation by local craftsmen. This is a great souvenir of the sense, which is sure to bring happiness and good luck to the house.

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