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We express our sincere gratitude for the choices made in relation to the Internet version of our shop In turn, expressing gratitude, we will try to help you in choosing the original and unique gifts for your friends and loved ones. And recognition of our relationship will be the embodiment of your decisions in handmade products made personally for you a bright, large enough and versatile group of real masters of Russian arts and crafts.
We are pleased to provide you with the opportunity to obtain a relatively simple gift option seems to be the originality and uniqueness of the author manufacture and inexpensive souvenirs, however, devoid of formal relationship to the donor. World copyright Russian applied art is so rich and multifaceted, impregnated centuries of culture and identity, making it the undisputed leader among spirituality in relation to fisheries and the subject, which is embedded in the outline of an idea and its expression is meaningful, hands full of professional carvers, wood, metal , bone, artists, authors, jewelry, fashion hats and costumes, antique collectors and original products, pottery and glass-blowing artisans production that makes a gift, of course, valuable in terms of expressing your attention. To do this, we use the maximum opportunity to make our representation on the Internet more prizentativnym and easy to handle when choosing your gift, regularly presenting news and interesting articles, originality and originality which will embody the regularity of our cooperation with you.

If you often enough to worry about having to choose a particular gift, and that this ordinance would bring you undeniable satisfaction, you just need to call us at ......., Or write a message to our mail, we are happy to help you in the selection of interesting ideas, which we have accumulated a huge amount as a result of bright and rich 16-year period.

Russian art connoisseurs, we additionally offer the opportunity to sign the news resource of our website, which we hope in the comments podcherpnut reciprocity our location to the spiritual values of Russia.

For those cat wants directly and personally take part in the selection of original gift are pleased to invite to our permanent exhibition and sale, located in the store "gifts" to the address: Moscow, st. Carpet lane d.8. Rome metro station or Lenin Square.

Good luck to you choice and vivid impressions!

Sincerely, The staff of the company "GoldMoscow"

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