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Russian kokoshniki

Traditional beauty and luxury of an ancient headdress

Kokoshnik is one of the most prominent symbols of the traditional Russian dress. This woman's headdress - a true embodiment of beauty and rich decoration. To date, Russian kokoshniki not lost their relevance and readily used in creating costumes for a variety of cultural activities. Therefore, our online store offers GoldMoscow Russian souvenirs you buy kokoshniki holidays. Let the image you created will be irresistible!

Russian kokoshniki - charm that knows no time!

We offer you traditional kokoshniki with a rich finish. Each representation of the product - a unique author's work, combining originality and unique charm. Our kokoshniki documented a variety of decorative elements:

-dragotsennymi stones
-gold yarns
off-road fabrics
-tesemkami and other accessories.

As a result, the product obtained elegant and refined.

Due to the fact that our collection includes kokoshniki in different color designs, you can choose the model that will be best suited to your outfit.

Russian kokoshniki for festivities and celebrations!

Despite the fact that kokoshnik belongs to the category of old hats, it plays an important role in modern Russian folklore. Without this attribute does not manage Pancake, national choral singing, dancing. Beauty kokoshniks reviving Russian culture reflects all its charm.

Kokoshniki - a whole work of art. In the manufacture of these hats are only the richest fabrics which are embroidered interesting unusual patterns. It's hard to imagine anything more beautiful than the Russian kokoshnik. Due to the fact that each element of the product is done by hand, the products get a very good solid quality. Each bead, ribbon, ribbon sewn tightly and securely. We assure you that our kokoshniki last you a long time!

Here you can buy gorgeous fishnet kokoshniki handmade at affordable prices. Regularly current system of discounts will allow you to buy our products on favorable terms. A convenient order form will help you make your purchase quickly and easily.

Russian kokoshniki from GoldMoscow - it's beautiful, high-quality and inexpensive.

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