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Receipt of goods is carried out in two ways:

1. Delivery in Moscow with the help of the courier company working directly with our online store. Usually all received and ready for execution orders logistiruyutsya from 10:00 to 12:00. During this time, you bind the courier and specify a convenient time and delivery address. Additionally, an hour before the arrival of an additional call is made on the arrival of the courier. The cost of courier services is 300 rubles in Moscow.

2. Shipping via services provided by a Russian mail cash on delivery, upon receipt of your order. The cost of postal services determine the tariff mail service. Delivery time depends on the distance and the choice of delivery methods (air, ground transportation, accelerated departure). The average period of delivery of postal items is 7 days on the territory of the Russian Federation. Significantly reduces the accuracy of the delivery period and the mailing address is correct index your nearest post office.

When ordering from near and far abroad delivery is made after confirmation of readiness for shipment, and then full payment for the order including the guards services via money transfer: Western Union, Yandex Money, QIWI purse ...

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