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"What is the groin is a cap on it." Another ancient times in Russia headdress attached great importance. No other item of clothing could indicate belonging to any class. No, except for caps. Women's hats testified about the age of the woman, about her background, about whether she is married. Hats for men, too, showed a lot. Our store offers a wide variety of men's winter hats: hats-hats, famous winter fur cap and so on.
Russian winters are known for their severity. Severe frosts, blizzards and Zavirukha simply not allowed to appear in the street with her head uncovered. Probably, the weather conditions have made headgear mandatory attribute of any self-respecting citizen, and not only. Bareheaded allowed to walk only unmarried girls. Others, both men and women were required to wear a hat. Ulterior motive still believe the expression "goof" - to show their bad, a bad hand. Winter hats made of fur certainly. The higher and more business hat, the richer you looked in the eyes of other people. Considered to be the most expensive fox and sable hats. Less wealthy wore hats hare, squirrel and beaver fur. But the most famous views of hats that were worn in Russia is, of course, a hat with ear-flaps.
Probably one of the first characters that pops up in my mind a foreigner who hears the word "Russia" is a cap with ear-flaps. A thorny path hats, she passed every test of both time and frost. If the present day hat with earflaps - it's just a fad, then Ancient Rus wearing her you said that you are very rich.
This cap came from Mongolia in the tenth century and was called "mahalay." She makes of sheepskin in the form of a cone, which closed the neck of blizzards and snowstorms. Centuries later, when the cap firmly taken root among the Slavs, wide lapels, soldiers defending cheeks Mongol-Tatar yoke, steel cut at the sides and rear tie in the warmer months. So a modern cap with ear-flaps.
However, with the passage of time has changed fashion caps and hats with earflaps sank into oblivion. Remembered her in the early twentieth century, when there was a so-called "cap-kolchanovka", which was distributed in the White Army of Admiral Kolchak. And it is just a prototype and was familiar Russian fur cap. However, this was sewn hat is not made of fur, and of cloth, but the form of it was taken from her.
During the Soviet era cap with ear-flaps are also not lost its popularity. In the Navy and in the Soviet Army were earflaps with red cockade, which depicted a red star. They were made of black and gray astrakhan, depending on the unit, which belonged to the soldiers.
Tribute fur cap give up now. It is widely used as a "Russian way", such stereotypical, but quite truthful. Hats with earflaps are still in the Russian army. However, the cap, which must be worn there, in every way deprived of its former advantages. Charter prescribes wearing her blindfolded top ears even in the dead of winter. And not only Russian charter required to wear a hat with earflaps. For example, in the year 2000 it is part of the winter earflaps form German police.
Throughout the world, the word "cap with ear-flaps" has long recognized and is clearly associated with something primordially Russian, for example, in the film. Interesting fact: The Oxford Dictionary of long terms listed «shapka» and «ushanka». Even today you can find a great variety of options for wearing the famous cap - with ears, tied at the back, chin, and not at all with the blindfold. Fashionable hats, do not say anything!
Already from year to year, creating a fashion collection, fashion designer world is not sidestep male winter hats. Along with the already well-known hat with earflaps designers use in their images as hats hats. This hat was part of Cossack uniform throughout Russia since 1940. It is a round or cylindrical cap made of sheepskin or doodles. Today, it is mainly used as sewing scrawl, but also use other furs, for example, or rabbit fur lama hats which offers our shop caps. Associated with military style hat and is widely used for just such images.
Certainly, men's winter hat - one of the most prominent Russian souvenir products, which is known throughout the world. Our online store offers a large selection of hats caps, ranging from ushanok, finishing decorative officers and soldiers caps. After all, at all times in Russia cap was considered not only the garment, but also a kind of business card, which determines the status and class rights. Hat with earflaps, his cap, will be a wonderful souvenir from Moscow, brought from Russia.

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