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Pocket watch "Order of the Red Banner of Labor" Артикул: W0152

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Collectible Soviet gift pocket watches with a reliable "Lightning" mechanism, which have perfectly proven their reliability and accuracy of the clock movement. A classic bright white dial with black Arabic numerals and the logo of the Molniya watch factory. The mechanism is based on 18 ruby stones. The watch comes with a 35 cm long steel chain with a nickel-plated coating, a factory passport and a special packaging box. A bas-relief image of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor is made on the hinged lid. The Order was offered directly to V. I. Lenin at the VIII All-Russian Congress of Soviets of Workers', Peasants', Red Guard and Cossack Deputies in December 1920, when the civil war was ending on the main part of the Russian territory, and about what, in fact, he said: "It's not enough to say to the peasants and workers: strain labor discipline. We must also help them; we must reward those who, after immeasurable disasters, continue to show heroism on the labor front. Any success in raising the economy should ... be more regularly rewarded with both the Order of the Banner of Labor and monetary bonuses." The first knight of the Order was Menchukov N. Z.-a peasant of the village of Chigirinka in the Gomel region. On the night of March 19-20, an ice jam formed near the bridge under construction, which could not be blown up even with dynamite. N. Z. Menchukov voluntarily went down on the ice and broke the jam manually at the risk of his life. Among the enterprises, the famous Tula Arms and Cartridge Factory became the first order-bearing one. In the difficult conditions of the autumn of 1919, when Denikin's army occupied Voronezh and Orel and threatened Tula, the plant continued to produce the guns and cartridges necessary for the red fighters, although a significant part of its workers fought at the front.

And now you have a unique opportunity to celebrate the high production performance of your friends with such a watch, symbolizing the award itself for "commemorating exceptional services to the Union in the field of production, scientific activity, state or public service"! Having made a choice in favor of purchasing a watch, you will have a chance to become involved in the exploits of labor history.

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