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With a difficult task choosing a gift faced each. But if you go to our internet - shop of souvenirs, you can choose an original gift that will be a nice surprise for your loved one or friend.

Among goods store has a unique collection of coasters that were released, mainly in the 40-70 years of the last century. These coasters were made while the USSR large enough circulation of 30 th industry, but eventually became a real rarity.

For example, the product in 1949 under the name "Tractor and Farmer". We know Mukhina sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" opens the entrance to the Exhibition Center, now VVC.

Sculpture "and Collective Farm Tractor" was created under the direction of sculptor SM Orlov, author of the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky in Moscow. On the area of collective ENEA was installed 52-meter tower, which was established this remarkable pair of workers with highly lifted a sheaf of wheat.

Glass Holder was released for the 10th anniversary ENEA, its facade of the monument depicts the rest field decorated with floral ornaments with the addition of geometric elements.

Souvenir is made of nickel silver, complemented by a deep layer of silver coating. Such goods, of course, the roads, the cost 5600 rubles, but the real antique products are not cheap.

Soviet Glass Holders are precision stamping. Material are alloy of copper, nickel and zinc (ISC), nickel silver, stainless steel and aluminum. Silver Overlay provides prestige products.

Since most of the production was industrial, and thus controlled, most of the product was of propagandistic character, displaying the achievements of the Soviet Union.

So in 1963 there coaster called "Cosmos USSR" (price 1680 rubles). This beautiful German silver with silver plating product reminds citizens of Russia of the first steps in the development of winning space.

For the Olympics - 80 were released cupronickel souvenirs with multilayer silvering. Really have something to be proud of, then Soviet athletes won medals 195olimpiyskih: 80 gold, 69 silver and 46 bronze. Image of Five Rings sports symbols in the best traditions of Soviet art. ("Olympic", 2000 p).

By the Moscow World Festival of Youth and Students in 1957 was released 2 versions of coasters with silver-plated "Festival". On one engraving "World Peace" on the globe (1400 p), on the other - the dove of peace, the main character, created by Pablo Picasso (2680 p).

Individual copies of our store are very rare. Glass Holders antiques performed at a high artistic level, original, exquisite.

The most unique souvenir is "Emperor Nicholas II» (24600 p). Made of silver, 84-carat total weight of the precious metal is 153 g This handmade piece of work is devoted to the last Russian tsar. Such a valuable gift has a complex unique packaging.

Glass Holders "Kubachi" made of silver 875-carat (4150 p).

Is a rare instance of "Glory" (6800 p). Cupro-nickel product with a deep silver-coated on top of the wings decorated. Thank Goddess - Winged Victory.

Our shop is represented not only expensive products. There are wonderful coasters mass series, mostly folk sound, at affordable prices. For example, the "List" (p 290), "Cock" (p 380), "Tulip" (p 360), "Strawberry" (p 430).

These naive picture pleasing in its simplicity, charm, bright coloring. Many of them are decorated wonderfully original. "Knight" (p 380) is decorated with geometric designs with anodized gold-plated, associated with medieval armor invincible hero.

"Net" (p 410) is quite unusual design, like a glass inserted into some gold mesh.

The design coasters our collection includes the most original characters. "Moscow" (2000 p), depicts St. George the Victorious, a longtime symbol of our capital.

"Kolomenskoye" (1200 p) decorated with images of architectural times Basil III, when there was this unique monument of wooden architecture.

It so happened that at present Glass Holders are widely practiced only in railway transport. Without them there is simply not enough. It is believed that the founder of this tradition became SY Witte, Minister of Railways in 1892.

Form of modern coasters formed at the end of the XVIII century. The most artistic specimens appeared in the beginning of the last century, because this period of our history was the Silver Age, not only poetry, but the whole culture, especially arts and crafts areas.

Soviet arts, deeply studied the achievements of Russian art school, many introduced into mass production. That is why the Glass Holders of the Soviet period are not only ideological burden, but also of great artistic value.

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