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Coal irons

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This section presents vintage irons of various designs. The main distinguishing feature of these irons is that the temperature of the working surface is supported by means of hot coals, which is filled directly into the iron itself.
Coal irons made for two centuries. They replaced tselnotelym designs that were inconvenient for several reasons. Primarily, the main disadvantage was tselnotelogo iron weight. They were made mostly of iron, so you can imagine how much effort is needed to attach to such iron ironed linen. In addition, the working surface of irons cooled quickly enough, so had to use the ironing several pieces: while one is in the works, others are heated on the stove, and in the process, they succeeded each other in turn.
Innovation as coal irons is that thanks to the hot coals, the working surface could long maintain the desired temperature.

What you can buy an old coal iron
Coal irons, presented in this section are different in that still has not lost its functionality. They may be used for their intended purpose.
Such as irons will be a very special souvenir. You could even say that they are sufficiently symbolic birthday gifts or anniversary. But the most symbolic, they will look as a wedding gift. Presenting such an iron, you will hint at the fact that from now on all the irregularities in the relationship of the newlyweds will be smoothed, and their way of life in the same flat, and feelings for each other the same warm and durable.

Advantages of old irons:
-Ugolnye Irons can still be used for other purposes;
-A Great souvenir trivial;
-The Original decoration of your interior.

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