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Russian Army belts and caps

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Military attributes of Soviet times: buy army belt

For many people today, the Soviet era is symbolic and is inextricably linked with their lives, dreams, accomplishments. Young people, on the other hand, want to know more about those times and touch history. Especially interesting and exciting for many are military attributes, such as, for example, soldiers' belts. They can be wonderful gifts, gifts for friends or relatives. Much attention is also able to attract army cap - a living reminder of a vanishing era.

Russian Army belt, buy as a gift

Legendary courage of Soviet soldiers today are proud of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. That's why things stylized uniforms of those years, are symbols of courage, heroism and extraordinary fortitude. They - the best gifts for the modern man. Belt of the USSR, presented as a souvenir, will symbolize the best qualities that were inherent in the Soviet man. This is a great gift, as foreign friends, and those who are interested in history. Going to please a loved one? Choose leather army belt, which can be bought from us. It will not only souvenir, but can be useful in everyday life. They can be supplemented as a stylish outfit youth and shocking historical costume.

For connoisseurs can purchase and generals belts. They will be a great addition to the collection. Invariable attribute of all such articles of the Soviet era is the buckle with the image of the star, the center of which are the hammer and sickle. All items differed depending on the type of troops and ranks. The usual army belt was certainly a leather with a star on the buckle. Here, for example, sea belt buckle had to anchor the image.

Choosing a souvenir cap

Along with straps, popular and hats. At the peak of national glory has always been and will be the famous hat "Budenovka." Also in our online store, you can choose a sea cap or hat border guard. Shiny visor, badge with a star - all present, as once in the Soviet Army. We can buy a wide variety of uniform caps Soviet times. They fully reflect the bygone era, recalling the times of past glory.

You can fill up your own collection of high quality army caps, or teach their friends and relatives as a gift this great souvenir.

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