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Silver Glass Holders

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One of the most interesting pages of the Soviet decorative art are the products of art silver, silver Glass Holders could buy in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was at that time in the artistic products of the old silver, as in all things related to Russian arts and crafts in general, the process of the dynamics of the construction of a national school in European culture. The most interesting product is a silver Glass Holders. Previously, they were not used for their intended purpose, they were often complement the old interior. Silver Glass Holders could buy in a jewelry store or order a product from a master of applied art. If the house were silver coasters, guests for itself, it is concluded economic prosperity gentlemen.
Create new silver Glass Holders, shape, decoration - that was the main problem for each master. Sold well enough to buy a silver Glass Holders who could not afford one. Basically Glass Holders were silver with original plot, but with each passing day more and more the Lord wanted to have in your home an exclusive silver Glass Holders. 90% of silverware accompanied by images of icons. But the most difficult in the jeweler was the creation of complex elements and lacy patterns on each product.
Silver Glass Holders can be bought with lace elements, which are often added to the metal balls. Soldered them in specially designed cells, these balls attached product volume, spectacular texture. Thanks to them the silver Glass Holders looked very elegant and have refined appearance. Such products are often bought and gave jubilee noble families in the community.
Our shop offers you a silver Glass Holders, you can buy it without leaving the house, he has a picture of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. The value of this item is antique silver, which has 84 standard and master stamp. This is a very fine handmade jewelry work. Product weight is 153 grams. It can be packed in a gift box handmade, having two locks, as well as for an additional fee, you can buy a complete silver spoon.
Silver Glass Holders, made in Russian style is always popular. Jewelers often had at the request of the customer on the product depict scenes of hunting, falconry, dogs. Many people like the image of the Russian bear.
In addition to animals, tourists pay special attention to the silver Glass Holders want to buy a product with a picture of attractions capitals and cities. The main purpose of the master jeweler was predicting what kind of image is better to buy. They tried to depict popular scenes from the silver Glass Holders, so that buyers pay more attention on their work. When a customer begins to look into the picture, it says that it currently interested motive. Watching buyers masters did for certain conclusions and night trying to implement the necessary images to a pre-prepared products.
Today, in our store you can buy Kubachi coaster, in the original design made of silver has 875 sample. Such a silver cup holder can be manufactured in the late 19th century, since the early 20th century began to appear new images, folk, life events. And silver holders must return again to the everyday life of modern man.
People living in the 21st century, used to buy home a variety of dishes, and could start buying silver holders. The kit which includes cups and saucers. Pick up the next set of dishes should be convened friends and boast new clothes. And few people think that buying a regular, modern set of cups, we are to give up their stories, and with each decade tradition back to ancient forgotten past. In Russia, more than one century only drank tea from glasses, but in order not to burn your hands using silver holders. It is appropriate for the tea ceremony in each house. And of course always particularly prized silver cup holder. Holders silver polish to a shine with special means. The main thing that image that was applied to the silver holders, shone.
To this tradition has not moved away from our society every day more and more you can buy silver cup holder and give it to your friends. In our online store you can make your first purchase. After all, every family a few times a day, drink tea and coffee, so why turn a family vacation into a routine, you can start using the silver cup holders. Faded than not attractive cups do not bring much pleasure to drink. Despite the fact that the glass is not very attractive, silver cup holder to buy really, that he will do the trick. After all, everyone agrees that it is pleasant to drink a drink from the exclusive, personally your tank. Silver, in the tea to distract attention from the daily routine, and to consider the history of the origin of cupholders and images engraved on it.

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