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Modern technologies allow to improve technical capabilities of such important product samples as hours. It is an irreplaceable element of everyday life of the person. Today it is allocated with the optimum opportunities allowing it to function in any conditions.

Requirements in relation to hours from consumers of the twenty first eyelid rather strict and extensive. The industry of production of these mechanisms shouldn't lag behind improvement of information and technical novelties. The first diving hours of the USSR appeared in the fifties after adjustment of production of the watches factory, largest in the country. Such invention differed indisputable reliability, checked in practice, and represented grandiose break in the field of science and equipment. Main components of such hours: the case from stainless steel, the dial possessing ability of a luminescence, the manual mechanism of plant. These wrist diving hours almost completely solved a problem of counting of time under water, thus it was possible not to worry that they can fail.

Now there are favorable conditions for production of diving hours of the USSR, unreceptive in relation to water space. Among their indisputable advantages it should be noted high quality and reliability in any situation. They are supplied by all necessary for ensuring impermeability of water, lack of emergence of korroziya and damages on the case. It is also important to tell about full safety of this subject from the ecological point of view – it doesn't contain radioactive elements at all.

The convenient sizes of diving hours of the USSR making 75 mm x 70 mm x 18 mm, their small weight (no more than 260 grams) allows to use them almost constantly. Besides, they have interesting attractive design and are rather exclusive option of production. After disposable plant hours can work within one and a half days. Casual blows to the case don't lead to breakage as diving hours are supplied with special protection. All these surprising opportunities were thought initially over by inventors as first of all they intended for the staff of the Ministry of Defence. Today any person is able to afford to have diving hours of the Navy of the USSR.

As a rule, business people should make correctly the plan of day, even during summer holiday it is necessary to know exact time not to miss important or interesting action, and also the last minibus which is driving off from the territory of a beach. Diving watches in the professional field of activity connected with immersion on a bottom are actively applied.
Fans of diving are able to afford pleasure to swim at a depth of seven hundred meters within an watches and thus to define time. The shining dial will allow to see hands and figures without effort. It is possible to buy quality diving watches on our site which offers the big range of goods to services of consumers.

For divers the interesting collection of diving watches which have various design is presented and are calculated on use of women and men. Modern development gives the chance not only to control time, but also possesses unique abilities, such as – control of pressure and pulse rate that is important for definition of load of the athlete. Wrist diving watches differ in a certain legal border of immersion – from 50 to 700 meters of depth. On hours time of a decompression and immersion that is extremely necessary if it is necessary to fall deeply under water is determined.

To buy diving watches – means, fully to expand the opportunities. Our company doesn't allow samples of watches which didn't pass careful control from experts of the international level therefore existence of low-quality goods is excluded to sale. First of all are convinced of optimum drawing indication and its excellent visibility. Shooters in norm have the correct situation and are clearly visible in dark space. The thong shouldn't slide off, the case is made of stainless steel, tight, not reacting to blows. Firmness in relation to salty water is extremely important.

Modern diving watches of the Navy of the USSR can become an excellent gift for the best friends or native, as well as the faithful assistant for the owner. It is possible to choose for himself any style and design. The optimum price, a high level of quality, functionality, reliability, existence of additional options allows a waterproof watches to be in enormous demand. This production inexplicably united durability, durability of the previous samples and a mnogokomponentnost – result of modern opening.

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