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T-shirts with Putin

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This section presents the t-shirts with Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich. You need to have enough courage to wear in everyday life t-shirt with the image of the president. But that could further prove your patriotism and affection for the country, than the willingness to demonstrate their love for the president. Even if such an unusual way. Believe me, to wear a T-shirt with the image of the president there is nothing wrong or reprehensible.

Why do I need to buy a T-shirt with Putin
If you do not know what to give a friend a birthday, you can safely choose these shirts as gifts. She may not even go to a friend in size. But he certainly appreciate originality and non-triviality of your approach to the choice of gift.
Shirts made from 100% cotton. Decal allows applying portrait maintain their characteristics for a long time. This kind of application is resistant to external influences, so do not be erased even from many washings. A paint will not lose its brightness even after prolonged exposure to the sun.
Your foreign friends will definitely be delighted with this T-shirt. However, they may be ashamed to wear it at home, so as not to question the patriotism to their own power. However, as a nice souvenir from Russia will be happy.
When ordering a t-shirt with a portrait of the president, do not forget to specify the color which you most prefer. Available as t-shirts gray, black, white, and blue.

Advantages of T-shirts with Putin:
-The Original gift and souvenir;
Great clear coat way to emphasize their patriotism;
-Kollektsionery T-shirts will be happy to such copies in its collection;
E-shop T-shirts with Putin is available on our website.

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