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Triumphal procession and all countries wooden toys from Russia, which is called the Russian matryoshka, and every year since thousand nine year-selling souvenirs to foreigners, began just over a hundred years ago. It is to the World's Fair in France and was timed to create this symbol of Russian culture.
History of creation
It should be noted that the Matryoshka - not the first toy in such performance, Easter eggs are also made by this technology, long before the well-dressed peasant girl. Initiated the creation of a wooden doll was a master Zvezdochkin, who worked in the studio of the famous philanthropist Mamontov called "child care." The toy was made in two copies, six-seater and three-seater, Mammoth idea very much, and given to the dolls painted painter Malyutin, which gave them the appearance of a ruddy and comely country girl.
Who portrayed souvenirs
The exhibition in Paris souvenir matryoshka so much that immediately received a lot of orders, and since it is a traditional symbol of Russia. Puppet master painting performed Sergiev Posad, and at first it was just a picture of girls, children, the elderly, in their hands they held that a bouquet of flowers, the variety of animals and birds. It was only five years old when the Russian matryoshka firmly established in their homeland, it became a symbol of Russian toys, and then there was the influence on the painting fashion. It would be wrong to think that political matryoshka appeared only recently - in fact in Tsarist Russia, to nine hundred and twelfth year was released a few case series. One dedicated to the Heroes of the twelfth year, while others portrayed the boyars and nobles, and others devoted to literary heroes such as Gogol's Taras Bulba or Pushkin's Tsar Saltan.
Secret of name
Much has been speculation and debate about why this wooden toy given a name - and referred to a symbolic word Matre, ie mother and matron - a respectable citizen. But rather just another - while gazing toy merchant Mamontov, tea in the living room made a servant by the name of Matrona, so hence the name. By the way, the name of Matrona was very popular among the peasants and workers at the time, maybe it also played a role in the consecration souvenir.
Semenovskaya matryoshka
With the development of the national craft became separate a whole branch of the original painting dolls. Nizhny Novgorod Fair, which sold products from Sergiev Posad, showed artisans from other villages and towns, as much as possible to paint such toys. Developed its own, special style and manner of painting and the masters of the city Semenova, which is in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The main tool of jewelry local souvenirs - apron with a lush fantasy bouquet of flowers - this figure is due to the ancient traditions of herbal style of drawing, which is famous artists of these places until today. In addition, Semenov Matryoshka most capacious - in a matryoshka usually are not seven, and fifteen or eighteen dolls. There is also the biggest Semyonov matryoshka, it is the height of a little more than one meter, and holds a seventy-two painted dolls.
A special place among the masters take Vyatskie craftsmen, they decorate their dolls inlaid straw, it is very hard work, because first of each straw should be smoothed out and then glued onto a special paper. And only after that from the continuous web is cut straw pattern element and apron is attached to the toy.
Traditions and legends
All these dolls souvenirs made of wood, the best is lime or birch, they are quite soft, but at the same time strong, do not crack and do not crack. Wooden nesting dolls are not for nothing so much love, because it is a natural, living material, which is impregnated with positive energy. Usually these dolls kept on mind putting one beside the other, in a row to be seen the beauty of each toy. According to legend, if matryoshka put a piece of paper written on it with a wish, it will surely come. But this is not one souvenir doll, so you can think of at least seven cherished desires.
Buy matryoshka in Moscow is quite simple, if you know a place where you can buy souvenirs such but the Arbat, where painted dolls are usually designed for all foreigners, and have faces of famous politicians. A real painted peasant girl can be purchased at the gift shop and gifts, and not even leaving home, on the internet. Our shop dolls offering the largest range of different dolls with different paintings and quantity, because such diversity is almost nowhere else to meet. Matryoshka wholesale - this is another offer for residents and business people from other cities, such a beautiful painted items, bringing good luck, not deposits on the shelves.

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