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Presented in this section cutlery items are made of different materials. Here there are instances of glass, crystal and porcelain. Also, you can find unique items of crockery silver and other metals. For collectors and connoisseurs of high-quality cookware, cutlery such discovery will be invaluable.

Why do I need to buy a dining items
In the first place, like cutlery simply crave to be acquired due to the fact that they still have not lost their functionality. All of them are very good quality, proven over the years.
Glassware glasses presented here, to preserve its functionality and uniqueness of its design.
Crystal sets consisting of decanters and glasses, will not leave you indifferent. Also, you can not go myo crystal dessert kremanok. After all, agree to drink water and eat ice cream much nicer crystal than plastic. A crystal baskets look forward to when they fill the fragrant fruit or sweet candy.
Silver and metal trays are simply created in order to put them on exquisite cuisine and a variety of unique household items.
For those who know a lot about antique crockery, cutlery, these would be the perfect gift. After all, collectors are able to appreciate the quality and the uniqueness of each of these things.

Advantages of vintage cutlery:
-All Elements of the service still retain their functionality;
-Unique Things, many of which exist today in the single copy;
-High Art and antique value of each item;
Great clear coat gift for an anniversary or birthday.
-Shop Dining items is available on our website.

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