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Flasks for beverages

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Flask army - a gift with a male character

Present for men - it's always special items and items that can emphasize its status and become a reflection of his creative passions or hobbies. And to ensure that your choice has always been successful, established our unique service gifts GoldMoscow - shop with a Russian soul!

Flasks: original functionality

Our souvenirs have distinctive feature - they can be present not only on the day of a solemn date, but also as a sign of attention and respect, or special treatment. All the products we are made exclusively in the style of Russian traditions and customs, preserving the historical symbolism of several centuries. Therefore, you absolutely will not be difficult to choose a suitable gift, which will be an original gift. Especially memorable it will be for your foreign friends or foreign business partners.

Despite his strong-willed character and nature, all men without exception, love surprises. However, for them - it's not just caring and sympathy, but also useful functional thing that must necessarily find its application.

Flask army is an optimal combination of such claims, so they hold a separate section in this volume catalog of souvenirs. Repeatedly proved itself as a true and reliable assistant in various situations, flask remains important acquisition for every man.

Today we present a modern version of an army jar with a modified design. However, this does not affect the popularity of such male enhancement, on the contrary, has attracted increased demand and attention. After all, the basic characteristics remain the same:

A compact and convenient form.
-Quantitative Food material.
-Full Tank tightness.
An optimal filling volume.
Function of "thermos".
-Prednaznachenie For alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

But the most important advantage of such a gift - it is his versatility. Hunter, sportsman, fisherman, hikers and backpackers will appreciate the value and importance of such a present. Slim design jar does not take much space and can always at hand of its owner, giving him constant feeling of comfort in any situation.

However, not only lovers of outdoor activity worthy of such a gift. It must become an indispensable accessory for business and respectable men. After all, thanks to a new sleek design in displacement to 300ml, which replaced the old volume to 750ml, flask may be in the inside pocket of a jacket or trousers. Its rectangular shape is created for such a compact placement that allows absolutely no give her whereabouts.

Buy a jar: the desire to outstrip

Appeared a few years ago in an army arsenal jar gradually won the respect in everyday life. In continuation of the glorious traditions, and as a reminder that every man is a warrior at heart, we offer such versatile vessels with emblems - distinctive signs BOB awards and national symbol of Russia. The choice of certain subjects - a manifestation of respect for your counterpart, and for the older generation - beautiful and symbolic reminder of their youth and accomplishments, achievements and successes.

Flasks are strict and concise form, fully compliant with the masculine style. Carved ends added attractiveness, and dark inlaid under the "skin" is the front surface of the jar as expensive and prestigious gift.

And, of course, in the Russian tradition, the first drink that should fill the jar - always a strong alcoholic! Open this good practice around the world together with our store GoldMoscow!

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