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Store Souvenir Boxes

Symbol of refinement and beautiful jewelry store ... We offer to buy boxes for jewelry as a souvenir and gifts that will grace notes in the interior and allow convenient to store valuable jewelry or your favorite jewelry. Traditional Russian painting, handmade contemporary artists will be pleased with the future owner.

Russian national souvenir

Our store boxes pleased to offer you the largest range of these products, which will compact and easy to store all the decorations, reliably protecting them from mechanical damage, and will appreciate the variety of shapes, sizes and beautifully decorated. Handcrafted from the finest paintings, where every story captivates depth and mystery events, complemented by unique engraved and inlaid with rhinestones will not leave indifferent any woman. Every single box - a unique masterpiece. Popular motif for the painting "Three", girls in traditional Russian dress, stories of folk tales - such images make an excellent gift boxes foreign friends. Modern Masters mysterious boxes adorn the interior mirror, to maximize their functionality. Buy a box for jewelry - then buy a magic thing that will mysteriously protect your favorite jewelry.

Such items considered to be sacred repository of relics and heirlooms accessories. For their manufacturing the most valuable timber species, which allows every single instance to compare with rare museum exhibits. The best gift to mother, grandmother, friend to any holidays and celebrations will be a wooden box, which you can buy at attractive prices from us. Choose the colors, sizes and shapes of products, do not hesitate in high quality - we offer the goods in the production of which does not have the last word tradition and craftsmanship.

Now you do not need to waste your time searching for a suitable and exclusive gift to a friend, so how to buy a box just in Moscow, thanks to our online store.

The range of products presented, including square, oblong, round, constantly updated, are marketed most unusual and rare specimens, therefore, often visiting our shop, you are sure to find a thing designed just for you.

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