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Why flame samovar? The benefits of civilization made sure to teach a person a lot of different ways to cook yourself a hot drink. Today, there are different kettles, coffee maker, gas stoves, and, of course, few of us will be in a hurry in the morning before work to melt coal samovar. Samovar designed to relax your body and soul. And not only what could be better than a pleasant tea party with family or friends.
Russian Samovar is an ancient household items and part and parcel of Russian culture. History of Russian samovar very enjoyable. It appeared from the time of Peter the Great. The first samovar on the territory of the Russian Empire began to produce Lisitsyn brothers. Samovar Lisitsyn considered a wide variety of forms. By the beginning of the XVIII century Russian samovar began to produce copper and with handles, decorating it with colorful ornaments. The most popular is the samovar on firewood and charcoal samovar. In a short time the samovar became popular in the country, and their production of goods became profitable. It's time to open a factory for the production of samovars, most of them are in Tula. By the beginning of the XIX century coal samovars were made from silver and in demand among the intelligentsia, the bourgeoisie and the nobility. In 1850, the Russian Empire had about 28 factories samovar products. After the end of the October Revolution in 1917 the production of samovars decreased significantly and the samovar on the wood has become more difficult to buy. After the 40-ies of XX century began production of electric samovars. Many of the paintings and sculptures bring to life the subject of something new, and it is now an integral part of the culture of the Russian tea.
As early as the XIX century in Russia formed the tradition of tea drinking. Tea pouring always trusted mistress, because it was pouring always one and the same person. At that time, tea was not cheap, so it was necessary to be able to pour the same amount of tea all with the same strength and Nedolya 1 or 2 cm before the end of circles was considered good form in the noble families. Drinking tea in porcelain mugs, also near with tea from a samovar coal fed often cheesecake and bagels.
Samovar - a kind piece of metal vessel through which heating pipe extends vertically. The pipe has a large volume, so the water tends to boil quickly and maintains the temperature for a long time. If wood or coal for kindling were raw, the flame is blown through the "boot" samovar.
Melt Zharov samovars best charcoal and wood chips. First, fill the tank with water, and then melt the jar with wood. Yet another way to incite a samovar. First pitcher to throw in the hot coals, then throw firewood and after intensive inflate them. This method helps to quickly heat the samovar. Importantly, samovars better melt all outdoors if the premises, it is only those who have the hood.
Today Zharov samovars come in all sizes, shapes and devices, and the samovar to buy firewood has become easier than ever before. Our shop offers relate to the traditions of the past and we have to buy a samovar on the coals or wood-burning samovar. As urbanization would not affect a person, it is still drawn to nature, into the woods, to the open fire. When choosing a bath person prefers that melts wood, rather than by electricians. Thus, and food prepared in the nature, by means of fire is much tastier than a traditional oven. Very valuable that coal samovar has the same property. This samovar on the coals will help you discover new recipes tea by fire. About the taste of tea from a samovar coal can judge even people far from the traditions of folk Russian tea. Therefore, the advantage of this over conventional electric samovar immediately obvious. You can easily outdoors or in a suburban house to enjoy a delicious tea. In addition, the samovar on the wood becomes exquisite decoration for any home or office.
What do you give someone who has everything? Probably thought about it, anyone who has ever picked a gift. Banal postcards or greeting is no surprise. In this situation, you need to come up with an original gift. One option could be a universal gift wood samovar. From many of the gift will absolutely love.
In our store you can buy coal samovar on a variety of prices, but all the same high quality. Therefore, the samovar on the coals in our store is exactly what you need.

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