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Plates with the "Coat of Arms"

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Decorative plates not so long ago began to gain in popularity, but to date, decorative plate is a great gift, especially certain subjects close to the man, who should be congratulated. Particularly popular dish with the arms, because this gift will be even more versatile than specific. Our store offers a huge selection and assortment of such commodity products, plates representing different shapes, sizes and colors, so everyone will choose the most suitable option.
Obviously, the question may arise that make the dish and presented to her a prime location. Because just put a plate on the shelf - this is not enough. Wall design decorative plates with coats of arms is quite effective and powerful tool in terms of decorators. It is important to create a composition is advantageous for such a souvenir. Russian dishes can select the style of the interior, to emphasize the individuality of the space.
It should be noted that with the help of plates can create asymmetrical space, which will give a certain dynamics of the room. Therefore, the plates should be selected in a certain style, combining them in a certain color solution.

With the combination of decorative plates with the solutions color composition and stylistic moments of accessories, even the most grim and simple premise takes the form of harmony, beauty and harmony. Observe the themes and motifs - that is, to ease Russian classical style should be selected corresponding to the background, entourage and other dishes, or, for example, to the vintage style - dish, made in the same style and so on.
It should be noted that in terms of style bright interior, should be selected solely thematic and stylistic pictures, because the other is unlikely to fit. But this time nothing to do with modern styles, because they are quite tolerant of different inclusions.
If there is a need for a modern interior, which should be given some emphasis in original, perfectly suited dish classic style or using vintage moments.
We must try to avoid congestion, decorating walls, because as it is on the walls of these excesses maximum visible and tangible.
Still need to pay attention to some of the nuances that affect the decoration of dishes, especially with the arms.
So, first, you need to pay attention to the ways of fastening plates and, if possible, to think about it in advance. You can use special hooks, but you must be sure that the dish is securely attached and will not fall. Therefore, the most rational and correct option mounting plates - a special display, especially with regard to precious and valuable specimens and collections of the same color palette. Such an arrangement as well represented in our store.
Second, you can resort to creative ways to accommodate plates. For example, you can put the dishes in the desktop holder by placing collection on a narrow shelf console. Some specimens Tale tape, decorating composition original bow.
Third, decorative plates are a great piece of furniture, especially when you need to emphasize something or to select. Very impressive looking dish with the arms of Russia, in conjunction with other household items, combining song single color solution.
Fourthly, decorative plates for placement on the wall, a certain rule exists.
The general rule is a combination of decorative plates at their disposal, that is, those dishes are pretty impressive to look at any angle and at any distance.
The more relaxed interior space, the more vivid and individual plates should be. But we should not forget about the models of the same type and the same color scheme. Of particular importance is the contrasting tone of the original surface, which will be placed plates. Very profitable allocate wallpaper striped bright souvenir plates. Do not place the colored plates variegated colors of the wallpaper with the same print, because in the eyes will throw and the wall surface, and decorative ornaments. With bright surface, it is better to give preference to self-colored plates or plates with a two-color image, it will be enough to create a beautiful image of the original.
Ate earlier plates adorned only kitchen or dining room, then today, through a variety of color points, shapes, patterns and compositions, so you can decorate any room, to the same room and bedroom.
In our store you can buy excellent dishes, varied, individual form and composition, and which will serve as a great gift and decoration of your home and create a unique interior. The most important thing - it's the right combination for stylistic norm in shape and color, and you get a very beautiful composition.

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