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Women's costumes

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Among the fairer sex again begin to take popular female folk costumes. Probably, after several decades of active emancipation, women finally realized that much easier sundresses pants. And experience has shown that women who do not wear pants, much less likely to get sick, do not have problems with the reproductive organs, have healthier babies, and do genera transferred them much more easily than their more emancipated friends.
Perhaps this is because the woman begins to feel more comfortable and, pardon the pun, feminine. She begins to realize his true nature and this is only a plus.
Since ancient times, sundresses for daily use were made of domestic cloth, that is, from a rather rough linen yarn. Primary colors are typically red, blue, green or yellow. Very often also sundresses left dirty-gray color, ie, color of unbleached linen. But it makes women poorer.
Wealthier women, on the contrary, tried to make their everyday clothes as possible brighter and more elegant. Tunics were made of colorful fabrics and decorated with a variety of embroideries. What can we say about the holiday sundresses. They sewed ties silk or brocade and decorated with various patterns (with thread for these patterns could be gold or silver), lace and various kinds of tapes.
As headdress women used kokoshniki. These were mostly festive hats. Because he and decorated accordingly.

Advantages of the female folk costume:
-High Aesthetic and historical value
-The Original gift for any woman;
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