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Boxes for watches

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The boxes presented in this section for watches, are intended especially for storage of wrist or pocket chronometers.
Besides, belts for a pocket watch are also presented in this section. The specific design of this belt allows to wear a pocket watch on a hand. These leather belts are executed according to drawings of the Swiss master which main specialization just and was a production of similar belts. It is necessary to tell that this master made belts only for a quality pocket watch and the corresponding price.

For what it is necessary to buy a box for watches
First of all, watches need to be stored in a box for their bigger safety.
Box for a pocket watch as that another, will emphasize presentableness of a similar gift. For fans and collectors in this case an excellent gift will become not only watches which you present to them, but also and a box.
Elegant registration both outside, and from within, will show to your gift to the most best advantage. Because from within a box are upholstered with white silk and have a special small pillow on which watches are stored. Color din of boxes for watches it is rather wide so you will be able to choose that color which most of all will approach by the o'clock which are stored inside.
Among other things, there is an opportunity to make some types of boxes of a natural tree. In this case the size of a box will be ideally suited to your concrete chronometer.

Advantages of boxes to watches:
- Convenience of storage of watches;
- Gift boxes for watches emphasize presentableness and an exclusivity of darimy with you or to you a chronometer;
- The belt for a pocket watch will please any original even if it doesn't understand in watches at all.

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