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Gzhel is considered the heart of old ceramic art in Russia.
Gzhel is a traditional Russian center for the manufacture of ceramics. Because of the traditional specialization in the manufacture of porcelain Gzhel, porcelain and pottery, in the last century, people have tried to establish a link between the mysterious name of the city and its fishery. Ceramic products harnesses, baked, which is why the production called Gzhel. Over time, as soon as this art form has gained particular importance, and they are interested in many local craftsmen, its name was moved to one of the areas where it was particularly popular.

Since ancient times, Gzhel has earned the reputation of his clay. Production of various types of clay were in the XVII century.

After the end of the era of Peter the Great, the company produces standard in those days, pottery, made pottery pipes, bricks, children's toys, which were transported to the capital. It is believed that through toys then walked into thousands.

In 1812, the number of factories in china reached 25. A few years later, when the village was discovered Minino light gray kind of clay in Gzhel began to produce polufayans, who served as material for Kvasnikov, kumgans and pitchers. In addition, at the end of XIX century painting for most of the products used only blue paint. Polufayans was strong enough and tough.

In the early nineteenth century peasants Kulikov discovered in the village Volodino completely white earthenware. In the same location, approximately in 1804 was established the first factory making porcelain. Pavel Kulikov, founder, learned the craft while working in the village Perov. Not to divulge the secret of production, Kulikov all performed independently, with only one working, but it is rumored that several potters. This plant is remarkable that laid the foundation for the production of porcelain Gzhel.

Since that time, began to flourish Gzhelian art. Trying to make the finest porcelain, professionals all the time modified its composition. Even then, ceramics Gzhel looked amazing.

Over time, many Gzhel company had deteriorated. However, after the revolution, Kuznetsovsk plants immediately reported to the state.

Only after Stalin's death in Gzhel began to recover fishing recently on the right 670-year anniversary. And in 1940 there were about half of all companies in the production of porcelain and faience in Russia.

After some time in Kazan opened a new railway station, named after the place - Gzhel. The settlement, which was formed there, bears the same name. This town is divided into two parts, unofficially nicknamed "The settlement of lime" or "Lime".

To date, Gzhel - it gracefully and beautifully hand painted porcelain with fabulous blue and white patterns. Gzhel company gained fame not only in Russia but also in the global market. As true professionals, Gzhel craftsmen create unique works of art, without departing from the traditions of their ancestors. Since the Russians love and appreciate this fishery, sale Gzhel happens very rapidly.

Special strokes painting porcelain production was able to conquer the hearts of a lot of fans. Gzhel ceramic company produces a wide variety of products for the consumer: it is hand-painted souvenirs, and porcelain, and graceful. All work is done by skilled craftsmen artists. You have the opportunity to buy a coffee and tea set, various sculptures and figurines made of porcelain, intricately painted Gzhel bowls, spoons, lamps and other household items. Today Gzhel you can buy for quite reasonable prices, in spite of such great quality and variety of choices. Without a doubt, it would be the best souvenir Gzhel loved ones, such as utensils for many years will delight the hearts of kith and remind of a loved one, who once gave this wonderful gift.

It should be noted that the present painting Gzhel, given its artistic and stylistic features - it is a kind of rebirth of native folk porcelain painting method using cobalt paint. In today's online store, you can buy a bowl with painted Gzhel, souvenir, and various other products. Each product has an individual imprint skill of the artist-performer and is full of bright, unique artistic image. Indeed, due to the fact that every product creatively painted by hand, all of them have their own unique features. To buy these products, you will be convinced of its quality.

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