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Antique Samovars

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Samovars have always been considered an integral part of Russian culture. They were a mandatory attribute of each wealthy family, because, in some way, is a sign of prosperity. Their price was high enough, so the poor have not been able to organize tea parties around the table, the place of honor which settled bursting with warmth samovar.
Antique samovars were considered everyday objects, but treated him with respect. After the sale began to appear different kinds of electrical appliances for heating water, antique samovars began to lose its relevance as for tea, it was necessary to warm it with a wooden chips or other fuel.
Currently, old antique samovars became in demand as a souvenir. Their value increased by several orders of magnitude, since the arrival of Soviet power most of them were destroyed as a vestige of capitalism. To have survived only a small part of these products and every year their number is reduced to detect them is becoming increasingly difficult.
Preserved specimens of ancient samovars can be seen in museums or private collections, and any dealer or a collector of old masters products rarely come across originals. Specialist in antiques, you must have the experience and skills to distinguish thing that has history and the true value. Just a few years ago the old samovars were not considered a rarity, but today they have acquired a collection value.
After antique samovars became museum value, it was impossible to determine their true value. Vintage items are made by hand in a single copy. Making his form and entirely dependent on the imagination of the master. Each product had a distinctive characteristics, the volume, shape and type of the furnace.
Special arrangement in the Russian merchants enjoyed copper samovar, since it was believed that the water in it becomes tastier, is cleaned and can cure diseases. In these merchant families everyday objects have a large amount - pail, that is a sign of consistency host.
Especially valuable are the instances, decorated with medals and stamps, which you can find the master. Modern technologies make it easy to counterfeit coin and stamp on the product, which has no historical value. Once on the surface appeared stigma cheap commodity value increases several times.
Price of the product depends not only on the wizard, but also on the material from which made the samovar. Have the meaning as its shape and size. For comparison, we can give you an example: field samovar, the volume of 1 liter of water, released in 1840, does not have the stigma and medals, but its value is higher than that of a large samovar in the form of "banks", decorated with medals. The difference in value is determined by the fact that hiking samovars almost completely disappeared.
In our shop the lowest cost of collection of samovars is about $ 500. Here you can buy products from different types of metal: brass, red and green copper, silver, nickel silver, red brass, nickel-plated, and without it. Each product is produced in small quantities or made to order, which, of course, raises the price. The final cost of the product depends on the form, completeness, manufacturing time, the presence of stigma or medals, named Master samovar cases.
Factories in Moscow and St. Petersburg are the works of such renowned artists as Dubinin, Mattis, Kondratiev, Kutch, Sevryugin, Rozenshtrauh, Beijing and Pec. The cost of silver-plated samovar made by these masters, estimated to be between 120 thousand rubles, but their products plated silver Warsaw masters brothers Henneberg, Norblin, Frager, Buch and other estimated 80 000 to 500 000 rubles.
Collectors who are interested in antique samovars, it is known that the highest rates are products of masters working in the Faberge workshop. Their cost ranges between 100,000 - $ 450,000. Often works in Moscow and St. Petersburg masters were finishing ivory ivory, silver samovars were covered with gold, colored enamel patterns stand out. Their value currently stands at around 30 000-150 000.
By the appearance of the samovar often attracted famous Russian artists. So work Vasnetsov, known as samovar "Rooster" in 1873 at an exhibition in Vienna, won the gold medal. Currently, the cost of the samovar is estimated at $ 45,000.
Buy old samovars possible and on the international auctions, which sells at a very high cost. Antique samovars can decorate any collection of works by famous artists of the past century. In our shop has a large assortment of antique samovars.

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