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The rare wall watches made in due time directly for needs of naval and passenger fleet of Russia will precisely measure time on an extent of very many years.
These hours are made in special, absolutely tight cast case. Tightness of the case is specially calculated on specificity of navy, on possibility of accident or a leakage. After all in this case water isn't terrible for hours, and they can go even after elimination of breakage by the ship. In a set by o'clock it is applied as well a key by means of which it is possible to open a glass cover of hours.
Full plant the sentry of a spring provides to hours seven days of continuous exact work.
For what it is necessary to buy a wall watches

For the person serving on fleet, these hours will be simply tremendous gift which they will surely estimate on - to advantage.
Except use by the ship, tightness of these hours can be to destination used and directly at your place. For example, they can be hung up in a bathroom, the increased humidity and high temperature won't affect quality of work of these hours in any way.
You don't want in a bathroom – in kitchen they too will perfectly look, reminding the owner years of service on fleet, and also without suffering at all from fat-containing evaporations and the increased humidity which harmful influence any unprotected clockworks.
Also this advantage allows to use them in kitchen or in the big hall of the stylized cafe or restaurant.

Advantages of a wall watches:
- Marine wall watches fine and original gift in itself;
- They will always remind that in the history always there will be a place to seamen, brave people and military feats;
- Thanks to the tightness and high-quality assembly, they will serve to you many years.