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Presented in this section boxes with applications made of natural wood. They are made of the best hands of the Russian masters. So you can be assured of their quality. And also the fact that they are made with love and will delight you for years to come.
For those lovely ladies who have in the collection have a large amount of jewelry, jewelry boxes fit well with lots of drawers and compartments. For those who prefer modesty and a minimum of jewelry and fashion jewelry in his "wardrobe" is more appropriate small casket with decorative inserts.

Why do I need to buy a box with applique
These boxes are made in the style of antique boxes. A style of painting in which themselves are made directly to applications, can safely be called a classic in the history of arts and crafts. Exclusively folk motifs applications will not leave anyone indifferent.
Bright colors will not tarnish drawings under the influence of sunlight, by coating with a special lacquer boxes. This varnish also does not crack and crumble the very tree from which the product is made.
Inside the box are upholstered with bright red cloth. That betrays and even more elegance and authenticity. They can be used for storing jewelry and for gift giving associated with folk art. For example, a box will be very appropriate to present a shawl or scarf bright ramming.

Advantages of boxes with applications
-Convenience Jewelry store;
-The Quality of the materials from which made box;
-Unique Design and authenticity of figures for applications;
Great clear coat gift for beautiful women;
-In The original box very appropriate to present a no less original gift.

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