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Russian Scarfs

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The fashion has feature to develop on a cycle, all the time, getting back to the most valuable ideas, the most beautiful works, the most convenient styles. And fine clothes, and beautiful accessories with elements of national creativity, with the image of beauty of world around will leave nobody indifferent. And refined pavloposadsky woolen scarfs cause invariable love in dandies and women of fashion more than 200 years!
The Pavlo-posadsky scarf as a brand, as invariable attribute of any woman appeared at the end of the XIX century and there is at popularity peak all the time, winning not only open spaces of Russia, but also the whole world. Therefore each girl, the woman hurries to buy a silk scarf which will successfully decorate clothes of any style. Unique, and thus refined style of a pavloposadsky scarf allows to use it not only as a separate female accessory, but also as material for production of clothes, for any floor and age of the client.
Originally for this national product two versions were known: the thinnest, almost invisible silk and sound, but thus gentle and warm woolen scarfs. They and now are leaders in production though also the cotton were already added. Scarfs happen to a silk and woolen fringe which consists of hundreds of thin brushes. Color of brushes can as white (universal option), and in tone the miner.

There are models and with the overloky. Most often such standard sizes meet: 84 (89) x 84 (89) cm, 125 x 125 cm and 146 x 146 cm. Naturally, also the sizes, other than these, are made, there are also limited series devoted to some memorable events. Except world famous the pavloposadskikh of scarfs on JSC Pavlovoposadskoy platochnoy manufakture make palatines, cloths, a cachenez, etc.

At the very beginning of development stuffed patterns were put by means of wooden templates, now production is completely automated and isn't necessary away from achievements of science, using the most modern polymeric materials and the equipment. The stuffed method was smoothly replaced on pattern and a photo printing. Fabric became even more gentle, even stronger, and drawings more accurate and detailed. Therefore all try to buy woolen scarfs for the winter, after all they easy, very warm and cozy, not to mention delightful beauty. Invariable quality of this production still strives for perfection.
At the very beginning of style development the pavlo-posadskikh of scarfs was the period of the Turkish pattern and east motive (the middle of the 19th eyelid). And already then it was possible to buy pavloposadsky scarfs in Moscow, and now in the capital a set of points in scarfs, but is most cheaper in our shop. But already closer to the end of the 19th eyelid the rich flower motive gains the recognition and a wide circulation. Flowers decorate the middle of a scarf, and with the help the miner is put drawing on perimeter.

It is possible to carry to features of these fantastically beautiful scarfs not only surprising artistry and beauty of a pattern, but also a rich heritage of decorative elements from cultures of a set of the people, not only Russian. Often drawings are crossed with a carving on a tree, nature pictures, surreal elements, real pictures of the past, etc. Perhaps, on scarfs in the museum even it is possible to trace history of the Russian people, after all man-made masterpieces are decorated with the patterns reflecting life and life of the simple people. Modern designers and technologists, creating the next extraordinary drawing, don't forget to use ancient motives, detalkh, elements.
Characteristic feature the pavloposadskikh a scarf it is possible to call ample bodied flowers at the edges. Flower glades on fabric are many-sided – garden, field. In the center the garlands which are harmoniously combined with an overall picture are located.
And the most surprising that, at a different way of carrying this magnificent and always a fashionable thing, the scarf shows new "face", opening different sides of the difficult drawing! Also it turns out that every time on the head, shoulders or hips of the woman opens the soul a new pattern.
From east drawings the drop, a cucumber, and other recognizable elements of refined motive is popular.

Admires in these woven works of art not only quality of fabric, a rich pattern, but also luxury of color scale! More than 20 shades of color! Not each eye is able to notice all transitions thanks to what the person sees a uniform picture, integral and harmonious. Originally, at creation of a picture on silk or wool, used deep white color, saturated shades of red, blue and cherry flowers. Now a variety of paints allows to find to itself a scarf for every taste, under any mood, a dress and an occasion!
Ways to carry a similar rich accessory the set is thought up. Beginning from habitual knot under a chin and finishing with a bandage on hips in a role парео. You shouldn't forget about ways which are loved by east women, the Hollywood beauties and stars of classical works. But carrying a scarf on hair, on the head not only is boring, but already and became boring. It is very often possible to meet the lady in scarfs on a neck which are more similar to a scarf, a tie or a cape. Many carry them on shoulders, on hips. Well, and modern famous designers don't pass by and create the masterpieces, using scarfs as material for clothes. Magnificent blouses, suits, sundresses and undershirts look stunningly on the woman of any age and build!
It is possible to acquire similar treasure as in firm shops, and now they are in more than 20 regions, and in online stores. Our shop the pavloposadskikh of scarfs who works directly with the producer, than provide the available price range and the guaranteed quality of production, offers the widest range of this woven beauty.
These fine pavloposadsky scarfs can be descended with ease as if family value, after all thanks to right leaving they will remain permanently beautiful and strong not one ten years. For the majority of such scarfs dry cleaning is recommended, but washing in warm water (to 30 °C), with a neutral soft and liquid cleaner is allowed. After hand and careful wash the product needs to be rinsed carefully in several waters, to acidify the last (1 tsp on 1 l) or antistatic. It is impossible to unscrew linen, it is necessary to blot several times slightly it with a terry towel, then to spread out on soft fabric, on an equal surface, and to dry in a loose look far from strong heat or the sun.

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