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Whether you know, what one small hand bell the gentle ringing is capable to cure you of diseases, fears, uncertainty and other bad things of our life?
And it is the real truth proved by scientists! Here, it appears why the believing people constantly visiting the temple gripput and are depressed much less often than the convinced atheists.
The first hand bells were found during the Assyrian archeological excavations. Also some musical instruments consisted of such calls and, often, were used on holidays as maintenance for the dancing. Were applied and in the religious purposes.
Still since ancient times it is considered that the ring of a bell or its small similarity frightens off evil ghosts and other troubles. If a horseshoe – fortunately, a hand bell – to health of a body and spirit!
The ringing hand bell is a peculiar mascot which brings financial wellbeing and good luck. It is wrong to consider that now hand bells stopped being interesting and significant. Just the opposite! Famous designers and collectors periodically drop in in souvenir little shops in search of a new and interesting call! Whether in it the secret of success is covered?
In our shop you will meet hand bells souvenir various by the sizes, a form, and materials of which they are made.
Bronze, for example, during the Petrovsky era were used as a signal at the vehicle. And in modern St. Petersburg it is possible to sweep on a horse with hand bells!
The first such hand bells were produced in a form and a sample of church bells from the same "bell bronze" and were yellow color. This alloy was from tin mix with copper (1:4). Sometimes applied a thin silver layer on calls and them called white. Only at the very end of the XIX century by production of hand bells began to use brass as cheaper material. The ring brass considerably concedes copper both on a harmony, and on loudness.
If you want to buy a bronze hand bell from us, we give a guarantee that this qualitative product doesn't contain foreign impurity and will only please you with the gentle modulations.
By the way, many clairvoyants claim including the well-known prophet Vanga that the bronze hand bell, along with clay, steel and silver, will clear your house and soul of congestions of negative energy. After all so-called "evil spirits" very much are afraid of its rhythmical ring. At a choice of a suitable product be guided by the feelings, it is better to buy hand bells the most pleasant for hearing.

Besides it will become a fine gift for each judge of traditions. And especially for who has children. Let will hang up a hand bell near a bed and joyfully are surprised to the quiet and not whimsical child!
And if the woman puts on a ringing accessory, it will reliably protect her from a bad look or the word of ill-wishers.
One of the brightest producers of hand bells is the city of Valdai (Novgorod region). The Valdai hand bell differs from all others in confidential outflow thanks to which the unique pure and loud ring turns out. Therefore they are also highly appreciated very much. For more than five hundred years quiet style and a clear sound of the Valdai hand bells caresses a look and hearing of the person. Will be a fine gift for the fan of art!
Excellent souvenir will become also original hand bells with the handle! Now they are most demanded on school calls (the first and the last). And earlier were used in provided families for a call of servants. Some modern people with prosperity don't change traditions and use such hand bell directly for designated purpose.
Hand bells various by the form and to sounding will serve as the excellent developing toy for your kids! The happy smile of the baby – that can be more wonderful!
For more senior children it is possible to think up also a set of cheerful games for all family and on a holiday, and on weekdays! A blind-man's-buff where to the driving tie with a scarf eyes, and the others run away from it and ring hand bells. Or still such game: it is necessary to find the stipulated quantity of the hand bells which are hanged out on all house (or on the street), and to win for it a prize! Calls can be, how many for your soul it is necessary! Same whole adventure, not game! It is possible to think up obstacles also! Fine development of physical activity, not to mention mood!
Perhaps, it seemed to you earlier that a hand bell it is simple a souvenir or the next knickknack. We hope, we managed to convince you of the return. That small calls are both the assistant, and pleasant memories, both pleasure, and happiness, both children's laughter, and cheerful footfall of small legs, and still there is a lot of miscellaneous of that does our life brighter and kinder.
We invite you in our shop behind pleasant surprises for ourselves and people dear to you!

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