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Wedding bells

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There are no holiday more noisy and fun than a wedding! Besides - this is the traditional holiday. Stag and hen parties, snow-white wedding dress, plenty of flowers, the wedding march, the parent meeting with bread and salt .... Traditional attributes are always present at the wedding, no matter how modern it is.

The beginning of married life - a very important event! That's why every element of the wedding scenario aims to ensure that the future newlyweds were happy. Therefore, all the wedding gifts are for two people, in the hope that a young family does not fall apart.

One of these traditional attributes of a happy marriage and a wonderful gift is a wedding bell. This is perhaps one of the most emblematic of gifts for the wedding.

Wedding bell, according to traditional beliefs, has magical properties. So, the Irish believe that it keeps ringing at a distance of evil spirits. French after the wedding bells chime scare evil spirits from the wedding bed young.

Fashionable today towards the eastern philosophy of Feng Shui also as a talisman for the house prefers bells. Wedding Bells is necessary in order to ward off negative energy newlyweds, scare away the dark forces and expel "the evil eye" during the actual celebration.

Recall the Russian legends, tales and beliefs, as bells bells luxuriously dressed dashing trio that from afar all heard of the approach of rollicking fun-filled festivities.

Many signs indicate bell as all the best, rare amulets of dark, evil forces.

Bell has always been the symbol of that measure time everyday, sorrow and joy, as well as the time of human existence on earth. His ringing measure time of war and peace, sleep and wakefulness.

Modest copy of Big Bell - a wedding bell. Where it is ringing, people feel peace and harmony, there is no place for discord and strife, and this means that people live together happily ever after.

Today, when Russian wedding trio gone, wedding bells remained a loyal friend of the newlyweds.

On the wedding bells, which the couple gave each other, to do a variety of love inscriptions. And since the mid-nineteenth century wedding bells began to make out even more interesting: on the skirt of the bell has an image of five birds flying high in the sky. Now popular bells depicting the faces of the saints. Icons for the wedding to give is not accepted, and a bell will undoubtedly be a lucky charm for the young couple.

Today, the tradition to use wedding bells again became popular. When the bell rings, the young kiss. It replaces the traditional ringing cry of "bitter." Under such ringing will be absolutely still, you gave away the bells garden or rare orchids.

Today the range of variously decorated wedding bells striking eyes. They can be seen on the website and the Internet - shops. Very beautiful wedding bells you can get from us.

Not all brides, unfortunately, know that the bell - it is not only the opportunity to surprise guests, but also an ancient wedding ceremony. Wedding bells have long been used in Ireland, Greece, Italy and Croatia.

In England, the wedding bells were made of blown glass. They were like bells garden. First, the handle and the base were carried out separately, and then contacted by gypsum. With him was fixed loop of wire. Glass ball on a chain or wire served language. Sometimes it could be a glass splinter with a loop at the top. Very fine was based wedding bells. Language is often removed. This was done in order to wedding bells crashed.

And now a little secret for brides from the distant past. One of the most effective recipes for preserving youth and beauty in Russia was considered washing with dew, which was going to a wedding bell. If you have this magnificent in all respects a souvenir, you can check it out for yourself the magic power.

How can I use a wedding bell at the ceremony?

1. You can put a plate with different inscriptions on each table. They should say that youth want to hear a bell ring, not shouts of "bitter" during the banquet. Well, if the labels will be entertaining and funny.

Wedding bell at the same time should be in every guest. On the bells desirable to fix the card with the names of guests. This is to ensure that each guest could carry home wedding bells in memory of your celebration.

2. Instead of cards with the names can be attached to wedding bells plate with a request to the guests "bitter" not cry.

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