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In the Soviet Union watched closely production not only production workers, but also the inspectors urged to reject low-quality production. The qualitative goods made at the enterprises of the USSR by right deserved love of buyers, and not only within the country. Many remember, with what pleasure travelers or tourists from other countries got mechanical Soviet clock the Raketa, often exchanging them, for example, for the first electronic. The foreigners who were perfectly understanding goods knew that the Soviet hours of Raketa will work for centuries, without demanding to themselves special attention. For example, a mechanical clock the Raketa enjoyed deserved popularity at all country. And the first electronic clock which were brought with themselves by foreigners, could break at any time, under the influence of adverse service conditions. By the way about these conditions, in hours with an inscription "It is made" it was possible to plunge into the USSR quietly on depth, about hundred meters, they perfectly maintain such loadings. When falling from height they continue to work, the mechanism is protected from shock loadings. It is possible not to worry about operability of hours when bathing, washing ware, on vacation and in life, they are calculated not only on everyday life, but also on extreme service conditions.
The known Soviet brands which stood the test of time deserve attention and presently. Detailed information on them can be found in the Internet, having simply typed in a line of search the phrase, hours the USSR Raketa, and detailed information on a famous brand, and also options of acquisition of these goods will be provided to you.
The plant which is letting out these hours the Rocket has almost tercentenary history. During this time a lot of things that exchanged, only quality of the made production didn't change, it only improved over time. Consider the extensive experience which is saved up by the enterprise three eyelids of fruitful work, allows to let out really unique things. The plant was founded still by Peter I in 1721. Since 1961 there was "Rocket", the birth of a known brand was dated for the first flight of Yury Gagarin in space. I passed flight of the Soviet astronaut in space successfully, it was really great achievement of all country. All mechanisms of the rocket in which there was an astronaut, fulfilled perfectly, paying a tribute to her founders. By analogy with this event the clockwork as if symbolizing the reliable work the first spacecraft from which exact operation of all mechanisms, the astronaut's life depended was also created. And it is valid, a watch the Rocket turned out reliable as the first rocket, and are made till today.

You can buy watch the rocket both at producers of hours, and through a retail network, realizing this production, or in the Internet - shops which are located in the Network. If you got used to spend carefully the time, it is best of all to use a modern way of purchase, and to acquire goods through the Network especially as in this case it isn't necessary to worry about quality of goods, the famous brand speaks for itself. Also it isn't necessary to worry about delivery of goods, it will be delivered to the address specified by you.
Production of hours was constantly modernized, the plant was transferred to one of the first in the country to conveyor assembly that was an important step to modifications of all plant. Application of means of modern automation allows plant to let out production of the highest quality which is successfully competing with global manufacturers of hours. Since 2009 the plant passed through serious reorganization, with involvement of the best Swiss engineers. World practices in this area found the broad application at plant. A wrist watch the rocket is now made on completely automated lines that excludes influence of a human factor. Except assembly units, the plant successfully makes accessories by o'clock, that is this completely automated enterprise with a full cycle of the made production, in hours of brand the rocket you won't find the details brought from abroad. Here high-precision accessories, such as a spiral or balance are made even. The enterprise created and working at the level of space technologies is valid.
Also the wide range of the offered hours that is important in the presence of such serious world competition pleases. Plant the rocket in various execution makes a mechanical clock. You can examine in detail brands of hours in online store, and choose the most suitable you at the price and design of model. There are models with calendars or semiprecious inserts, with the gilded or chromeplated case, with sapphire or mineral glass, etc. Goods for every taste, good hours it stylishly and fashionably, it is possible to pick up hours to clothes, on festive and weekdays, good work of hours will lighten you mood and won't bring at a difficult moment.

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