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Watches "24 hours"

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You will find a special watches with the 24th hour dial in this section. Many of them were released by rare limited circulation and are unique samples which military scouts and pilots, polar explorers and submariners actually used.
Than the dial for 24 hours is convenient
The similar dial is convenient to that it is possible to determine by it not only exact time, but even time of day. In the conditions of polar night or in the submarine where day mixed up with a night, it is very difficult to define for certain, whether the sun or "behind a board" a night-time has to shine now.

Practically the whole hours are packed into protective covers which only add them uniqueness and an exclusivity.
All hours in this section of fine quality, despite the rarity. After all they were created for the people appreciating quality. And, therefore, and they have to serve the long - for many years. Maintaining thus both cold, and a heat, and also tests by water, dust and a high pressure.

Hours have some types of thongs:
- Leather;
- Steel;
- Gilded;
- Partially gilded;
- Silicone;
- Carbonic;

Glasses in these hours are executed in the majority the of strong sapphire glass that does them extremely steady against any damages.
Advantages of 24 hour hours:
- It is possible to buy 24 hour watches as an excellent gift to the serviceman or polar explorer. Especially, if the sort of its activity is connected directly with the variations of chronometers presented in the catalog;
- The remarkable souvenir for this purpose who simply is fond of military subject, and also is subject to romanticism of a pervootkryvatelstvo of ice continents;
- High functionality only is combined with unique and original design.

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