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T-shirts from GoldMoscow: image souvenir

The GoldMoscow shop suggests to get t-shirts with sign symbolics of the Soviet period. The various color scale, laconic phrases and the image of retroattributes do our t-shirts by an original souvenir, thus keeping the democratic character. After all the t-shirt is those clothes which deny the social status, situation and age.

Men's t-shirts – freedom and confidence

To make a t-shirt convenient casual clothes, thus to give it special style and sense – such mission at a collection of our shop. We claim that it is the best gift to any man who will remind once again of his identity and yours to it an arrangement.

The creative t-shirts for men made of natural fabrics and in various sizes will become not only your original gift, but also an outstanding thing in clothes of his owner. Having attentively studied our collection, it is possible to choose products with:

Symbolics of the USSR.

Such men's t-shirts are decorated with portraits of the Soviet leaders and leaders, and also their foreign companions, emblems of the state signs and differences of the left era.

Symbolics of the Russian Federation.

Inscriptions and pictures on these t-shirts – live reflections of life of modern Russia. And Moscow as its generalized character, the related symbolics takes conducting a place in images on our clothes.

Military subject.

Army power and achievements of war industry glorified the Soviet Union around the world. The Russian Federation became the right successor of these traditions therefore to present a t-shirt to the foreigner or to get for the clothes, for example, with the image well-known for AKS-47 or MIG-29, will be a distinctive indicator of pride of the country, for its progress and achievements.

Women's t-shirts with patriotic subject

To be stylish – at all doesn't mean to have in the clothes the last novelties from world podiums. We offer you new unique style – patriotic which isn't subject to influence of fashion, and in all the time remains actual, demanded and picturesque.

It is known that women approach creation of the image much more carefully, and, considering this feature, we prepared for them an original collection of t-shirts which each model it will become obligatory a favourite thing of the stylish lady.

Typically man's symbolics on a t-shirt in which the girl is dressed, does it more impudent and sure, without depriving thus of a charm and comelines.

To buy t-shirts with symbolics is not only to look stylishly. It is surprising opportunity visually and creatively to express the views and opinion, to remember the historical past of the country and to tell about it to people around.

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