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This section presents the gift and souvenir keychains, made in the form of traditional Russian souvenirs - nesting dolls. These original enough keychains are made of solid wood and can be used as a decoration for keys hung in the car or on the lock from the bag. Options to utilize them very much.

What you can buy in bulk
These key chains are perfect as a souvenir for a foreigner. Everyone wants to take away to his home a piece of another country, not to forget the time spent there. So let's your foreign friend also never forget the time spent in Russia. And remind him of it will be his personal, private matryoshka.
This keychain can be given not only to foreigners, but simply to his friend, friend, relative or colleague. In addition, it is perfect as a small surprise for the child. Bright splashy keychain matryoshka attract the attention of classmates and it may become a source of pride for your child.
Thanks tempera paints and special finish, keychain will delight you with its brightness and color saturation for a long time. Also lacquer very long cracks will be covered, and this suggests as souvenirs.
Among other things, like keychain matryoshka, like nothing else can highlight your patriotism and love of folk traditions. For the memory of the past only means that we have nothing to fear in the future. We are mindful of their cultural heritage and proud of it. So, all we have is bound to be good.

The advantages of remote controls:
Great clear coat a small gift for your loved ones;
- Bright souvenir for foreign friends;
- Buy wholesale keychains can be cheap and delivered directly to our site.

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