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You will find the fine souvenir bracket watches executed by masters from around the world last century in this section.
Elegant hours alarm watches, the German and Japanese production will become fine ornament for your desktop or the chimney shelf.
Originality of design of the presented hours consists that they are put in order in a special polymeric cover. Therefore the impression is made that hours are hidden in a certain chest which reliably protects them from mechanical damages.
The shining digital values of hours against the snow-white dial (in the German execution) or a gold circle of figures against the coloring imitating a semiprecious stone (in Japanese execution), will be able to show you time even in the dark. What is very conveniently.
Besides Japanese hours alarm watches are equipped with a calendar and the special button by means of which the signal of an alarm watches is automatically translated to five minutes later, it is worth concerning it.

For what it is possible to buy a bracket watches
Bracket watches or hours alarm watches can be got as a remarkable functional souvenir. Which, not only will please you with the graceful and original appearance, but also it is fine to cope with the initial function of a chronometer and alarm watches.
Such hours will become as well very good a gift to the friend, good acquaintance, colleague and even chief. Fans of antiquarian and semi-antiquarian things on - to advantage will estimate a similar gift. After all such things remained in the world already a little.

Advantages of a bracket watches:
- An old bracket watches – an original souvenir;
- Almost antiquarian thing which didn't lose still the functionality;
- The original design turns a chronometer into stylish and unique decoration of your interior.

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