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Wall clock Gzheli

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Amazing beauty of Gzhel wall clock will be a perfect addition to your existing house original and authentic things. These watches are well fit into any decor. Ideal for rooms in the style of "country" or may be surprising twist in the interior is decorated in a modern style.
Thanks to the successful combination of classic with modern technology, these wall and table clocks do not require daily plant. They work from ordinary AA batteries. However, with extremely accurate quartz clock mechanism.
This watch will be a wonderful gift for those who know a lot about the national arts and crafts. And just for lovers of unusual and original.
Give like you can watch your friends or relatives. Particularly relevant such a gift can be as a souvenir a person from another country. Or as a thing that will remind you of home, if you are going to move to live abroad.
All of the watches are made of ceramic and hand-painted by famous masters Gzhel city, which is located in the Moscow region. It is from the area around this town and takes its name of exceptional beauty blue-white paintings.
Once on the ceramic pieces was done by drawing, they are covered by a special colorless glaze to give the product a unique luster. But then the product is calcined in a special kiln at high temperature. This serves as a guarantee that the ceramic part of this watch will serve you for many years and will not lose its original beauty and attractiveness.

Advantages of a wall clock
-Ceramic Wall clock - is not just a quality timepiece, it is also a beautiful decoration of any interior;
-The Original gift for collectors and lovers of beautiful things;
-Neperedavaemoy Beauty painting will not leave anyone indifferent.

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