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Hockey sweater - gifts for loyal fans

Sports - this passion, excitement and a whole life. And for sports fans and autograph meeting famous player - it is always a very memorable event.

An exact copy of the form of their favorite team allows true fan become one with his minions, to support them and share with them the joy of victory.

Our shop for unique gifts in store for fans of hockey sweaters whole collection from the Soviet era to the modern period

The history of the emergence of sportswear associated with the birth of sports themselves. So it was with the hockey ammunition. It first appeared at the dawn of the game. The first hockey sweater for players knit from natural yarn and differed only in colors.

From the most simple - to modern and stylish

With the development of the sport itself and improved hockey uniforms. Each team was trying to stand out among the other players and ordered to sportswear that is different from the others. First, together with the logo of a hockey sweater applied only numbers of players, and only in 1969 on the "All-Star Game," got the idea to write on them the names that fans could get to know them in a new unusual manner. Since then it has become a mandatory attribute hockey uniform presence on it:

logos and team names;
player's number;
his surname.

Modern players are not much different from their counterparts of the past. They are trying to stand out not only for its excellent game, but also the style of the form. This approach allows hockey fans unmistakable players of his team in any game. At the same time to come to the match in the form of the Moscow "Spartak" - a prime way to express recognition and respect for their team. We offer t-shirts inscribed the most famous and talented players with their original command numbers.

We tried to make the dream come true

If not so long ago Hockey form of any Russian club was not available to his fans, but today it has become a reality. The opportunity to buy a hockey sweater with number and name Yakushev or Kharlamov is now available for all fans of this game. Imagine how your friend will be delighted if, going to visit him, you grab a sweater from our collection to remind him of the happy moments of youth, held at the hockey games, especially if he now never misses a game.

Implement this idea will help the acquisition of hockey sweaters, represented in the range of our online store. It is the clothes made in this style of fitness popular players known teams.

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