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This section presents the dolls, traditional Russian dolls, whose history goes back many centuries.
Traditional Russian dolls are made in the form of stylized dolls and looks very reminiscent of nesting dolls. But they never fall due to its peculiar shape. Most often, they have a rounded bottom part with a kind of skirt in the form of a bell. It is this part, in tandem with a steel melodic counterweight makes dolls dolls. In addition, this is the counterweight creates a unique iridescent sound when lowering of toys on the side.
All items described in this section, handcrafted exclusively experienced craftsman, which boasts not one dozen elaborately carved nevalyashek. Also, all hand-painted toys and varnishing. This suggests that absolutely all of the presented nevalyashek, made with skill and loving master, which is sure to give you.

What you can buy dolls
In addition to being a great tumbler popular souvenir, it has not lost its original function. This is still a toy for children. You can give it to your child's birthday instead of newfangled tablet. At the same time you can spend with your child a brief lecture and tell him about the history of this toy, as well as several other interesting and useful facts about it. Sure your child will enjoy playing with this doll stand.
Such a souvenir will be a wonderful decoration for any interior. And also will live in your home and a warm atmosphere, with a touch of "taste" of historicity. That is roly-poly can bring into our homes what we have lacked in modern life.

Benefits nevalyashek:
-Unique Authentic toys;
-One Of the main Russian souvenirs for foreigners;
-Do Not lost its relevance to this day toy for children;
-Shop Nevalyashek directly on our website.

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