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Boxes for jewelry

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This section presents the boxes for jewelry least beautiful and unique than the actual decorations, which will be stored in them.
These boxes are made from semi-precious metals and alloys. Silver and golden coating makes them virtually indistinguishable from the product of real gold and silver. And the use of cut stones makes them even more attractive. Also to decorate these boxes are used alkyd enamel, which combine perfectly with the precious plated inlay quality.
Despite the relatively small size of the boxes, by themselves, they are quite roomy. Therefore, they can store enough cherished veshchichek beautiful trinkets or expensive jewelry.
For lovers of jewelry and fashion jewelry like gift box will be a perfect gift for the Valentine's Day or to the eighth of March. Especially if the inside will be something less than charming and precious than the gift box.

Why do I need to buy a casket for jewelry
Any jewelry should be stored in special boxes. Otherwise, at constant contact with air and moisture, which certainly is in the air, made of precious metals can lose its aesthetic appearance. Many kinds of stones, for example, lose some of its luster under constant exposure to sunlight. And some even have the ability to change its color.
Therefore, if you want as long as possible to enjoy your jewelry and delight them others, be sure to Get a special box or boxes for storage.
But the very casket you can choose from those presented in this section.

Advantages boxes for jewelry:
-Original Design;
- Excellent quality of each box;
- It will be the perfect gift for even the most fastidious lovers of jewelry.

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