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Fridge magnets: Russian history in a small souvenir

Coming on vacation, traveling to different parts of the world, we always want to buy something as a souvenir. Even hosting relatives and friends, we think about a small gift that would remind our love and attention. Solution of the problem is often a simple purchase of a magnet on the fridge. Nice gift, do inexpensive, and he will be remembered for a long time!

Give a priceless attention ...

Fridge magnets in our apartments are a common trifle, pleasing the eye. We bring them from different countries and cities, from near and far trips. But before you travel, to visit or on a business trip, you can grab these souvenirs with you, and they definitely will enjoy new acquaintances or old friends.
Their original function was to attach the action. They are allowed to place notes and reminders in a conspicuous place. But then people began to use them as an independent jewelery and even collect. At this time, there are many companies that manufacture fridge magnets made of different materials.

We offer to buy magnets in the form of painted samovars - these symbols of Russia. These souvenirs certainly appeal to those who care about the culture and traditions of our country. Also, they will be thrilled with foreign friends and business partners.

variety of magnets

1. Lovely handmade souvenirs made of clay, wood, plastic.

2. Acrylic souvenir pictures with a removable cover. Allows you to attach pictures on the fridge even.

3. Soft tissue magnets, adds a sense of comfort in our home.

Choosing unique gifts!

On our site you can purchase exclusive fridge magnets wholesale and retail. All of them are classically Slavic style. Original paintings and natural materials for a long time will give positive emotions. Most often, they are popular with visitors from other countries.

1. They can be purchased as gifts for the staff team.

2. mementos participants all kinds of conferences and seminars.

3. For many relatives who come to visit us from all over the world.

4. For gifts to their friends living in other countries.

Our online store provides the opportunity to order fridge magnets in a typical Russian style. We invite wholesalers and retail customers to make pleasant and helpful shop!

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