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No wonder Russia takes pride of place in a number of countries - the main consumers of tea, along with China and the UK. A people's love for the ancient drink has created a certain cult of tea with its own rules and attributes. With favorite garments which are so pleasant to use, it's nice to give. People will drink tea and every time remember with gratitude the donor.
Nice to buy a cup holder as a souvenir - a long memory of a trip or event. Hunting scenes, rocket engines, floral designs, triples, with coats of arms, old - some just can not be found on sale. Our store offers to buy coasters:
German silver;
With or without coating;
Cast and filigree;
rare and collectible items.
the samovar
In the century before tea glasses were considered exclusively male utensils and serve in the coasters. This can be explained by the fact that tea in the Russian army marching diet appeared during the war with Turkey. And they, in turn, preceded by many decades Caucasian campaigns. It is likely that it is from there - from the east was first introduced this item servings. And because his "courageous" status he owes military campaign.
A little later, with a light hand Railways Minister Witte holders are an inherent part of rail travel. Sustainable adaptation does not tip over glasses. Fully allows passengers to enjoy not only the smell and taste, but also transparency and bright color of tea. I must say, the tea in the road takes a very special meaning. Perhaps that is why even the Georgian "second class" smells trains unique and tart.
The heyday of the jeweler's art in Russia at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries presented functional coasters elegance and elitism. The main material is silver, so buy glass holders could afford only wealthy people. Technology to amaze - the finest filigree, cloisonné and filigree combined with stained-plik openwork and painted enamel. Precious products factories Klingerta, Faberge, Dehtereva, Ovchinnikov meet the most refined tastes. Those who prefer a more necessary art castings, glass holders could buy - patterned issued by the merchant Kol'chugina far from Vladimir.
new Era
After the revolution, intimate tea drastically out of fashion. Moreover, they are condemned, are considered a luxury, caprice, require large amounts of free time. Victory of the proletariat to anything tea strainer, a drinking purring with a guitar and other philistinism. At the same time, Lenin signed the so-called "Decree on the case", in which union members get it for free. For ensuring the tea workers and Red Army meets a special body - Tsentrochay. Rumor has it that Lenin himself loved the work drink strong tea, loved coasters and even had on hand a small collection of these "petty-bourgeois trinkets."
Unfairly affected by the fight against remnants of the cup holder back on the shelves around mid-thirties. At the same time he has a new mission - to serve the cause of agitation. Soviet citizens can now buy steel coasters on the farm or Avtoshtamp Kolchuginsk the same plant. As used jewelry engraved with party slogans and the corresponding attributes -
five-pointed stars,
sickles and hammers,
sheaf ...
Propagandists found the perfect vehicle for their appeals, go into the kitchen every country. Stylistics fully reflects the artistic movements of modern times. It is heavy and at the same time dynamic.
In place of unpretentious stainless gradually come innovations - brass and nickel silver, nickel-plated nickel silver, and then aluminum. An era stamping, thematic series dedicated to Congress of the Communist Party, the conquest of space, Komsomol construction or, for example, pupils of Sverdlovsk zoo. Apparently then there is the fashion for collecting vintage, piece of instances of pre-revolutionary work. Exchange or conveniently buy coasters with a brand famous factories with an unusual pattern, akin to hunt for rare stamps or coins.
In our time, is easy to buy different kinds of holders - from disposable plastic to souvenir wooden, wicker made of birch bark. In any case, it is a wonderful gift to the house. Dear old thing, pleasing the eye, kitsch or avant-garde - everyone will find the design to your taste. Can pick up the interior of your house. Make a gift to a colleague, friend, loved one.

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