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Russian Badges and Patches

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Chevrons, along with cockades are marks of distinction, which indicate that the bearer belongs to a kind of armed forces. But, unlike the cockades, chevrons in the world today are not only used for war, but for some members of the peaceful occupations. These professions include conductors, ground and air transport (including metro).
In addition, the chevrons are used as insignia of students of various military schools.

What you can buy a badge
In addition to using cockades and chevrons for their intended purpose, a lot of people find them a worthy subject for collectors.
Available in our catalog Badges and Patches are more antique and collectible value. After all, most of them were produced in the Soviet Union. However, for people who understand the aesthetics of a military suit since the Soviet era, like elements outfit can make a great gift or souvenir.
All Badges presented in the catalog, made of aluminum coated with a special coating and multicolored enamel. Indescribable brilliance and glamor Badges emphasize the beauty of military costume.
Such a souvenir will be useful not only for collectors of military paraphernalia, but also for the people involved in the reconstruction of historical events.
Patches in the catalog presents original samples made in the Soviet Union for military personnel of various units.

Benefits cockades and chevrons:
Great clear coat souvenir for retired military officers, who carried his service in the Soviet Union;
-Historical Value to collectors of military paraphernalia;
- Badge emphasizes the solemnity and pageantry of any headgear.

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