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Plates "Tales"

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This section presents decorative plates Tales. Fans of folklore will appreciate the mouthwatering flavor of these dishes.
Quality, elegant and original dish can decorate the wall of any room. Well suited for themed rooms in kindergartens and classes in schools. Children will appreciate the beautiful plates, which depict the characters of their favorite fairy tales.
For those who still did not come out of the heart of childhood, such plates will also be a wonderful gift and decoration for interior. Connoisseurs copyright of things will also be delighted with such a gift.
Wall plates fairy tales are made of durable ceramic and glazed. On the reverse side are equipped with a special bracket. It is designed to plate was conveniently hung on a wall. The exceptional quality of materials allow this piece of furniture to serve you faithfully for many years. This will contribute to the strength and quality of ceramic ink that will not fade under direct sunlight, and the coating itself over time, not covered with small cracks.
In addition, these wall plates can be a decoration, not only for homes or schools. They can also be a great decorative element to style large halls cafes and restaurants. Even to decorate the library this dish is perfect and will be fully fit in the entourage repository of human wisdom.

Advantages of wall plates
-A Great souvenir or gift;
- A wonderful decoration for children's education;
- Originality and quality of all wall plates.
A bounded circulation of products;
-Manual Operation and use of natural materials in the manufacture of.

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