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Ushanka Hats

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Ushanka hat captivated the world the practicality and became one of important details of stylish clothes. Traditionally, their emergence is connected with Russia. But, if to dig more deeply, it appears that to Russia ushanka hat got to time of the tataro-Mongolian yoke, thanks to world famous Genghis Khan. Initially, such cap was called "малахай" and differed from modern option a little. Malahais did of sheep hair, in the form of a high cap with wide tops. It was reliable protection against cold and blizzards. A little later tops began to cut on each side and in good weather the received ears tied on a nape. In Russia the new cap got accustomed not at once, but after all reliable protection against cold was necessary, and the Russian people improved a ushanka hat after the own fashion. It wasn't similar to a cap any more, and became more flat that the cap didn't cling to branches during walk and work in the wood. It is worth presenting: and convenient the ushanka hat is how fashionable that it steadily remains to one of favourite headdresses as women and men since XVI century and up to now. Today ushanka hat are irreplaceable accessories, both on fashionable displays, and in everyday life. Can't but please also a variety of options of carrying this thing. If to you it is very cold, ears of a ushanka hat can be tied under a chin. If is a little warmer, the cap with ear-flaps turns into a stylish headdress with an amusing bow on a nape. And if you have an excellent mood and you simply enjoy walk, the loveliest option to leave ears not tied. The cap a cap with ear-flaps – a universal headdress, after all it approaches both to women, and men. Differences can be unless in material from which caps are produced. The warmest caps – fur, on the site you can order stylish caps from fur of a rabbit, an otter, a polar fox in us. Our shop provides the wide range of caps with ear-flaps. Here you can find natural headdresses of an original cut which will warm you during a cold time and will add your individual style. Heat and beauty what is necessary? Presently caps with ear-flaps began to do of various materials, leaving from a warm cap only a form. For example, during a winter time it is possible to see girls in knitted or knitted caps with ear-flaps. But it is rather a tribute to style, than desire warmly to put on. If you were interested by really warm and qualitative cap with ear-flaps, it is possible to buy it in our shop. We provide a huge choice of the natural caps with ear-flaps made by experts. You can choose fur, color and a style on the taste. Our caps with ear-flaps will be presented to you warmly, and the winter will become for you simply beautiful season. The ushanka hat can become an excellent gift, especially if you want to please the foreign guest. After all, whatever one may do, the ushanka hat, man's, in particular, is associated with Russia. Therefore such gift as anything else will remind your friend of hospitality, care and of you, in particular. All you need to do is, it to choose the resembling option for your friend and to order it that it is possible to carry out with ease on our site. If there was a desire to please and the far girlfriend, an exclusive ushanka hat, female, too will be in our assortment. So, don't vremenit, choose and give with pleasure! The fashion changes, and here style – is eternal. This saying doesn't concern a ushanka hat in any way. She became the frequent guest on feshn-displays of fashionable designers. But, unlike extravagant dresses that are often shown on fashionable fashion shows, the ushanka hat convenient and is available to ordinary people. Of course, it is possible to find also expensive cap from hair of very rare animal. But why to torment the purse and the nature? At us in shop you can pick up the ushanka hat which is ideally suited for you for reasonable price. Purchase of a ushanka hat will bring some of very pleasant moments in your life. First, it will be very warm and pleasant to you in the winter. Secondly, ushanka hat are made of natural wool and skin, but not from the strange synthesized fabrics unpleasant for skin. And still, you receive two in one: irreplaceable Russian souvenir and stylish headdress! Unlike usual souvenirs, the ushanka hat, man's or female, will serve you long and truly. We suggest you to choose the most worthy model right now and to order it. In our shop the original range of women's and men's ushanka hat, at rather small prices is presented. So only couple of clicks, and you can become the owner of beautiful and really qualitative ushanka hat. She will emphasize your individual style and will make it unique. We hope, you will make a right choice: in favor of naturalness, health and style! We wait for you in our shop!

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