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Aluminum Glass Holders

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A reminder of the traditions of Russian tea

We are proud to introduce you to the original type of aluminum Glass Holders. They are a great decoration and give the charm and elegance of Russian tea ceremony.

Choice for every taste

Modern Glass Holders are reminded of the old Russian tradition of tea drinking. In the old days of the tea cups with coasters could afford to drink enough wealthy people. Today it is no longer a luxury, and have at home such dishes can practically everyone.

We suggest you choose aluminum Glass Holders from the wide range. Nowadays, it is not just gray, and refined and exclusive affiliation with the application of a variety of patterns and spraying. In addition, the shape also changed significantly: now they are made in the form of a tulip, similar to the Turkish cup or the tower.

As a gift, or for home use

Interesting, made in the tradition of the legendary Soviet aluminum coasters will be a wonderful asset to your home and in addition to glasses of thin or thick glass. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised when you put on the table instead of the usual tea set cups In ashtrays with hot fragrant tea.

In addition, aluminum coasters will be a perfect gift for anyone, but especially prefers elegance throughout. You can give them as a gift for any occasion: a wedding the newlyweds, on the anniversary of your friends or loved ones, business partners and colleagues; in any case, such a gift will truly exclusive and will undoubtedly pleasant emotions. Very good prepodnosheniem they become for foreign partners or friends of foreigners - in this case the Glass Holders will be not only dishes, but also an excellent souvenir from Russia.

Choose the best

For your choice we have different kinds of aluminum Glass Holders. You can choose collectible models, golden, silver, with a picture of the main attractions of the capital - Moscow Kremlin, and much more to suit all tastes.

On all of them we set prices that will pleasantly surprise you. In addition, you do not have somewhere to go, or go to buy them - just give us a call or place an order online, and we'll take care of fast and comfortable delivery.

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