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This section presents the flip calendars of various models. Once they were widely used in the everyday life of many Soviet people. And not only Soviet, there was a time when this kind of calendar was quite popular and in demand.
The principle of operation was wall-calendar that automatically changes the date, had only to turn the watch 180 degrees. The same principle works a bit like an hourglass. Because in order to change the number, it is necessary to turn the calendar "upside down" in the literal sense of the word.
These calendars were considered perfect gift for bosses or colleagues. And as they were presented to business partners and representatives of foreign delegations. They are made of not only ordinary materials but costly. For example, for members of the highest echelons of power was not ashamed to make a desk calendar made of precious metals and encrusted with its precious and semiprecious stones.
Nowadays, buy loose-leaf calendar Soviet times on our website. On the "flea markets" them is almost impossible to find.
Such a gift today, you can do as a colleague or boss, or just a friend or relative who will appreciate the originality of this gift. In addition, these things have a hidden meaning. Therefore, desk calendar as a gift is not just the original, but still quite symbolic. But what kind of hidden meaning is hidden in each of the calendars, it is up to you and by the person for whom the gift is intended.

Benefits desk calendar:
-They Still have not lost their functionality;
-The Original and meaningful gift;
-Unique Thing for lovers of antiques.

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