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Men folk costumes presented in this section of our catalog, will be a perfect acquisition for people interested in the history of folk costumes. Or for collectors of antiques.
Since ancient times, the basis for the male costume was a shirt. Sewed shirts from a simple cotton or linen fabric and painted with natural dyes natural. Colors were mostly simple - red, blue, yellow or green. Very often the color of his shirt remained in a natural, that is dirty-gray color of unbleached linen.
Festive same options shirts were made of more expensive materials, such as, for example, silk. Wore shirts untucked, belting them by narrow belts.
It should be noted that for the common people, the shirt was the main clothing, so to speak, the top. For people richer, from the higher social classes, shirts were considered some kind of underclothes. House of princes and boyars always went to the so-called maid shirt. It has always been exclusively silk, so as not to disturb the gentle master's body.
A curious fact is that on the back and chest traditional shirts are often sewn extra special lining. This lining is called overtones.
Tops in the men's national costume was also different, depending on the class to which he belonged man. Poorer people wore homespun coats over a shirt. They were made of cloth samotkanogo home.
Men folk costumes presented in this section will be of interest also folk dance ensemble, and amateur circles.

Benefits folk costume
-quality Cut the test of time;
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