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Gold Pocket Watch with key Артикул: W2864

Product description

Vintage Swiss mechanical watches, made in the 80s of the XIX century. The watch is a perfectly preserved expensive antique piece of Swiss watchmaking art, which conveys the features of elegance and subtlety of hand-assembled legendary pocket chronometers, which have received recognition and high appreciation all over the world. The watch is assembled in a three-lid gold case made of 14 karat gold. The watch covers open in such a way that it is convenient to use them not only when wearing them on a chain, but also when placing them, for example, in the evening on a horizontal surface in an open state. The gold-plated watch movement is in excellent condition and working condition. The magnificent subtle sound of the clockwork conveys the mood of more than a century of history, still pleasing with its accuracy and reliability of the course. The diameter of the watch case is 45 mm. The watch comes with a clockwork gold key with a steel core and a beautiful gift box made especially for a truly magical antique watch masterpiece.

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