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Pocket watches "International Watch Company" Артикул: W9825

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This is a real collectible gold antique watch of an old Swiss company founded in 1868 by F. A. Jones and J. H. Moseg in Schaffhausen, with a magnificent JWC watch movement with an increased accuracy class of the amplitude stroke of the watch. The two-wing case of the watch is made of 14 karat 560 gold. The gilded mechanism is in an exceptionally beautiful, perfectly preserved condition. The natural thin-layered polished glass has excellent transparency, emphasizing the contrast of the perfectly preserved white enamel dial with black Roman numerals of temporary numerical values and gold hands of the clock. The weight of the watch is 96 grams, the case diameter is 50 mm. At rest, at an ambient air temperature of 25 C., the accuracy of the clock varies from 2 to 4 seconds per day. The watch comes with a beautiful gift box made specifically for pocket watches.

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