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Art Casting

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This section presents the works of art made in this technique as an artistic casting.
The special value of these products is that they do not cease to bear their highly artistic value. The term "molding" is meant not only casting metal sculptures and shapes for them, but also the production of frames for marble and plaster busts. Therefore, in this section, there are products not only of metal, but also marble.
Many collectors will appreciate these works of art. After all, most of them were made back in the 19th century, and they still have not lost their visual appeal.
Such metal products will be a perfect gift not only for lovers of antiques, but just for those who are interested in history and can appreciate the uniqueness of these products.
Works of art in our catalog are made using several techniques. Thus, for example, to impart a unique and original appearance, some blackening exposed anodized.
As motivation for their work, the master of art casting often resorted to mythological themes and motifs. Produced figures of mythological creatures, stylized as candlesticks and other household items, as well as desktop sculptures or metal panels.
Everyone will be able to choose for themselves something to your taste among the products of artistic casting.

Advantages of artistic casting:
-Unique Decoration for your interior;
Great clear coat gift for lovers of antiques;
-High Artistic and historical value of each instance;
-Shop Art casting is directly on our website. You just have to go and make your choice.

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