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Watches "Slava"

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The watches presented in this section Slava are production of the second watch factory of the city of Moscow.
These chronometers for years of the production already managed to develop the specific style and to confirm the exclusive quality. For the period of release of these watches, the technology of their production was considered as the innovative. But, as you can see, these watches could prove to millions of people not only the right for existence, but also the uniqueness, unsurpassed quality and accuracy of a clockwork.

For what it is possible to buy watch of plant Slava
Unique gift watches of the second Moscow watch factory will become a fine gift for you, and also for your friend, the colleague or the chief. And for those who appreciates a rare watch, the similar gift will be as it is impossible is more pertinent.
Unique quality of these watches, in a tandem with individual design, does them by beautiful partners for business people. And also for what life is painted literally on minutes and it is impossible to allow that watches started showing the wrong time.
The design of these watches is ideally suited for strong, strong-willed and straightforward people. The chromeplated case and a leather belt already became something like "business card" of production of plant Slava.
Many of the chronometers which are let out at this plant are shock-proof and can keep course accuracy even at low and high temperatures. Thereby once again emphasizing the exclusive quality and reliability.
For people who are engaged in a collecting of watches, production of plant the Slava presented in this section will become simply real find. As many of these chronometers were released by the limited circulation in due time. Also intended for employees of intelligence services and other confidential organizations.

Advantages of watches of plant Slava:
- A watch Slava – unique gift copies for collectors;
- Quality and unique design is exclusive will leave nobody indifferent;
- These chronometers are simply created for strong-willed and business people.

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