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Pocket watch G. Moser & Co "Russian motorcyclist" silver Артикул: W4630

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Vintage pocket watch in a silver double-wing case of the watch company, supplier of His Majesty's court, Henry Moser, The case is made of 84-proof silver in a beautiful and quite popular design style of the late XIX century-modern. The dial is enamel, easy to maintain, thanks to the simple possibility of removing the upper edge of the case that frames the glass. The hands of the watch are classic black with an anodized surface that has a dark blue tint. On the back of the protective cover of the silver case, a very rare image of a Russian motorcyclist is made. A good detail of the bas-relief drawing conveys the visual elements of one of the first motorcycle models. The watch is in good safe and running condition. The diameter of the watch case is 50 mm. In addition to the watch, a reliable belt watch chain is attached. The watch is packed in a beautiful gift box made specifically for pocket watches.

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